What is the introduction?

We explain what is the introduction of a work, text, book or essay, and what features it has. In addition, what are its elements.

  1. What is the introduction?

The introduction is the initial part of a text, whether in an essay , a book or a research article . In this first part the text is placed in a certain context and usually expresses a summary of what will be explained or developed in the body of the text. In the introduction, the reader becomes familiar with the subject.

The  introduction  corresponds to the  action and effect of introducing something or entering something  (this definition comes from the Latin term from which this word has come to us). In the same way it also applies to the concept of preparation, generally related to an exposition of a topic.

In a scientific, technical or dissemination text, the introduction is likely to take other names, such as summary, synthesis or preface . You can even consider the first chapter of the book or thesis as an introduction. However, the introduction always precedes chapter 1.

After the introduction, the body of the text is developed, also called “development” and, finally, the outcome, end or conclusion , depending on the type of text in question.

Elements that an introduction in a research paper should have

  • First, develop a brief description of the topic of work. Here you must get the reader to get an idea of ​​what we are going to talk about next.
  • Secondly, you must indicate how the work was thought and why it was done.
  • Then, information about how the investigation has been carried out and the method or methods employed can be added.
  • A brief summary of the development can be introduced as an advance. It should not be very extensive or repetitive.
  • In an essay the main ideas of the introduction in the conclusion will be retaken.

On the other hand, the introduction is also found in music, this being the initial part of a work or song , also called  “intro”  in colloquial language. The same happens in a literary work, where the introduction places us in time and space as well as introducing ourselves to the characters that will carry out the main actions of the development of the work, be it a novel or a story.

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