What is perseverance?

We explain what perseverance is and how people act without this ability. In addition, how perseverance is taught.

  1. What is perseverance?

It is considered a virtue that brings us closer to our goals.

Many believe that to be perseverant is to move forward in a project despite the obstacles that may appear, however, that notion is incomplete because perseverance also includes the ability, willingness and temperament to continue efforts, even without setbacks. medium, to reach a goal .

When we are persevering we overcome fatigue, setbacks and frustration with the illusion of approaching a dream , of making a particular goal come true. All our efforts are valid, since we know the value of what we want.

Persevering people always finish what they have started, are determined and have a firm will . It is a very recognized and appreciated value in society . Anyone who sets a goal , and fights against the tide to achieve it, has what it takes to achieve success.

The persevering person knows no bounds, since where everyone sees a closed window, she sees a latent opportunity and works very hard to get what she wants. You can even forge a strategy to use your efforts optimally.

Perseverance is closely related to effort, will, strength and patience . With practice and strong conviction, that group of values ​​can get us ahead of any complicated situation we are going through.

This is how perseverance not only serves to fulfill our dreams, but also to get up from difficult situations and times when we do not feel well emotionally because it poses us to be strong, patient and not stop fighting.

  1. People without perseverance

People without perseverance never manage to finish what they start.

People who do not have the value of perseverance incorporated into their personalities, are easily discouraged, abandon what they set before the appearance of the first difficulty , never finish what they begin and always choose shortcuts or the simplest path. It is very important to overcome this lack, to understand that perseverance implies a continuous and committed effort.

You cannot accept tasks or set goals that have not been analyzed in a realistic way in advance, since knowing all the future effort that will involve reaching them will bring us closer to concrete them and will prepare us emotionally so as not to lose inspiration in the long and complex path.

  1. How is perseverance taught?

Values ​​and virtues are learned through examples at home, school, and other socialization circles throughout life. It is possible to teach perseverance to children with activities that have challenges.

There are many ways to reward perseverance and thus form successful people. However, it is never too late to learn and perseverance can also be learned through practice.

The next time we feel discouraged and we face a difficulty, we must not interrupt our efforts and we must be strong to be able to continue on the path we had set out in the first instance.

In the following list we will see activities that teach perseverance to children:

• Sports
• School assignments
• Receive compliments and awards for their achievements
• Recognize mistakes made in a failed task
• Crafts
• Group activities
• Study
• Games
• Receive support from mom and dad when they fail

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