What is the packaging?

We explain what packaging is and the meaning of this term. In addition, its importance and usefulness today.

  1. What is the packaging?

This word comes from English and literally means packaging . However, this term is commonly used in the business or commercial world to refer to the processes of conceptualization and production of the packaging of the different products.

When we talk about  it,  we usually refer to the strategy used to accompany the product purchased on arrival at the final consumer, which is usually due to various presentation strategies , which add an aesthetic (and sometimes functional) value to what is purchased.

In addition, valuable information (from the producer or distributor, etc.) is usually detailed on the packaging , as well as expiration dates and other information of interest.

There are currently entire companies dedicated to the development of its materials, ranging from paper, cardboard, plastic to aluminum and other industrial substances.

The preparation of the package or wrapping is usually part of the competition between companies for highlighting their product ( marketing or advertising ) over those of their competitors, using attractive colors, useful or striking forms, etc.

It is generally considered   as a cover letter to the buyer, and large companies usually have entire departments dedicated to the conceptualization of their packaging and the presentation of their products.

  1. Importance of packaging

The packaging takes measures so that the product arrives as it should its consumer.

As mentioned,  It  is a crucial element in the competition for the favor of buyers in the various market niches that a company can exploit, so it is usually designed based on certain determining factors:

  • Aesthetics . The packaging must be faithful to the spirit of the company and at the same time be transparent regarding its content, making it clear to which audience it is addressed, what it consists of, etc. For example, children’s products often have many striking colors, are often associated with animals or cartoons, and other similar strategies.
  • Functionality . Some products, such as canned or packaged foods, require  packaging  designed to make it simpler to extract from it, that is, to make life easier for the consumer once they have bought it and are ready to consume it. Thus, a can with an opener will always be more striking, by functional criteria, than one that requires the additional effort of a can opener.
  • Protection . The  ideal packaging  also takes into account the preservation of its contents, whether including packaging material (in case of fragile objects), preservatives or hermetically sealed, in short, taking the necessary measures so that the product arrives as it should its consumer, and not broken or broken.

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