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What is an Outfit?

We explain to you what an outfit is , what its uses are in various fields and why it is an unnecessary foreignism in our language.

What is an Outfit ?

The word outfit is a foreigner in our local language, that is, a loan of a foreign language, which in this case is English. In its original context, this word means “clothing” or “set” (textile) , and is especially used in the world of fashion and styling, which is why it has been adopted as a “prestigious” term in Spanish.

In this specific area, the term outfit is used to name the serial attire that during a season becomes fashionable , attending different occasions, moments and places. That is, there are outfits suitable for the beach, parties, work, etc., for both men and women.

Other uses of this term occur in the corporate and business world, in which outfit denotes a provision or a team, and can also be applied to packaging, packaging, product presentation , etc.

It should be noted that the use of outfit, as practical as it may seem, is still a loan that impoverishes our speech, given that there are numerous Spanish words that can help us say the same and even in more precise ways, typical of our system thought , embodied in the language. In that sense, institutions of study or preservation of the language promote the use of words such as clothing, model, clothing, suit, attire, packaging, presentation, appearance and many other synonyms, depending on the case and context.

This is because outfit is an unnecessary foreignness , that is, it does not respond to a meaning of which our language lacks terms, as can happen in other cases in which a new word must necessarily be incorporated into the language, such as tweeting or other words from the latest technologies.

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