What is a newspaper?

We explain to you what a newspaper is, how this mass media and features arise. The periodic numbers.

  1. What is a newspaper?

A newspaper is a mass media that circulates in cities or towns in print on one or several pages, combining elements of writing and photography . As the name implies, they are delivered periodically or regularly, usually daily or weekly, biweekly or once a month.

We can find newspapers in virtually every country in the world. Especially in Western countries, which have laws to protect freedom of expression and the right to information. Also known as newspapers, they have a long history, which has seen its maximum splendor at the end of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century.

Since man lives in society and jointly forms a public sphere, information has a fundamental value and importance , especially known in time and form. That is why since the beginning of the Roman Empire there were already publications written in old media that were distributed among the main rulers.

With the invention of the printing press and the massification of urban areas, proclamations, manifests and advertisements of various kinds began to exist, which were read or distributed in the population , generally known as newsletters.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the large settlements in the city , media companies dedicated to the profession of journalism began to exist , which carried out continuously and daily the elaboration of several pages printed on cheap paper and in black and white, written with the events that affected politics , the economy , police events and sports news of each city.

Those who control and decide what is news and what are not the editors and editors.

The basis of the existence of newspapers is the work of those who write the notes and articles, which are usually journalists by profession, although many times they write all kinds of people who are suitable in a subject . They work in a newsroom, where cables arrive with news from around the world, which are developed with maximum speed. Those who control and decide what is news and what are not the editors and publishers, legally responsible for what is expressed in a medium.

Beyond the human part, the machines that make the appearance of newspapers every day possible are well known. The famous rollers, presses and rotary are the parts that make up the great printers that work at night most of the time .

A newspaper has different sections and supplements, and is a catalytic source not only of information and entertainment, but also channels and exposes sensitive social issues: there are multiple cases where journalism plays a key role in social processes and contains or promotes collective manifestations which then have a strong impact on the political future of a country. This is why freedom of expression is fundamental in the progress of a country, since the voice of a newspaper is also the voice of the people.

  1. Periodic numbers

One of the basic principles of mathematics taught in primary and secondary education is the case of periodic numbers. These occur when performing a division of whole numbers that results in decimals that extend infinitely in an equal sequence of figures. For example , 4 divide 3 = 1,3333

These periodic numbers can be converted into payrolls rounded up or down, or be represented with an arc above the repeated figure.

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