What is microsoft?

We explain what Microsoft is and what are the products offered by this company. Also, how Microsoft works on the Internet.

  1. What is microsoft?

Microsoft is an American multinational company founded in 1975 by world-renowned Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They were able to earn billions of dollars for their visionary nature by being pioneers in the computer industry that was in the process of expansion, bringing it closer to the population (not only to a specialized or business sector).

Among its main products are primarily Microsoft Windows , the operating system of most personal computers in the world; and although Apple and Linux have managed to gain ground in this regard, most users end up opting for the Microsoft giant. In addition, Microsoft owns the Office package, which includes Word , Excel , PowerPoint and many other applications. The latest version Windows, Windows 10 has managed to earn quite positive reviews.

In recent years, we have observed a diversification of the products offered by Microsoft. Its Xbox gaming console has been a success , although it has strong competition with the Sony console, Playstation. Something similar happens with mobile phone operating systems, where Android has a clear advantage over Windows Phone.

  1. Microsoft on the internet

The role of the company on the Internet has been resounding, especially during 1995 and 2006, since between those years the successful presence of its most outstanding service so far was persistent: Microsoft Messenger (MSN) . This email and instant messaging service quickly took top positions in the market. However, this was not the only item in which the corporation ventured, as it also participated in magazine and television projects .

Without a doubt, although nowadays it is no longer used so frequently, Internet Explorer , also developed by the company , marked a before and after in the web browsing . On the other hand, it was added to this, almost at the same time, the acquisition of Hotmail, which bears the name of Outlook with a newer design.

A turning point in terms of computing , a change that also positively affected the relationship of the average user with the Internet, was the presentation of Windows 98, an operating system that continued to mutate until Windows 10, through Windows ME and Windows XP , being the latter the best-selling operating system in history.

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