The Maths or mathematics is the science deductive dedicated to the study of the properties of abstract entities and their relationships . This means that mathematics works with numbers , symbols , geometric figures , etc.

Starting from axioms and following logical reasoning, mathematics analyses structures , magnitudes and links of abstract entities. This allows, once certain patterns are detected, to formulate conjectures and establish definitions that are arrived at by deduction.

Maths: Table Of Contents

Math works with quantities (numbers) but also with non-quantitative abstract constructions. Its purpose is practical, since abstractions and logical reasoning can be applied in models that allow the development of calculations, accounts and measurements with physical correlation.

It could be said that almost all human activities have some kind of link with mathematics. These links can be evident, as in the case of engineering , or be less obvious, as in medicine or music .

It is possible to divide mathematics into different areas or fields of study. In this sense we can talk about arithmetic (the study of numbers), algebra (the study of structures), geometry (the study of segments and figures) and statistics (the analysis of data collected), between others

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