Hootsuite vs Buffer in tabular form with definition

difference between Hootsuite and BufferWe explain that what is the difference between Hootsuite and Buffer with table. The world is going digital and all marketers are focusing more on digital media than the traditional way. Some of them were curled up with new businesses, some of them are well recognized, some are small businesses, some are large and even entrepreneurs. All of them are recognized and began to use Social Media Marketing, online promotions and advertising campaigns.

Online promotion has made markets target a large audience, and there are many social media platforms available to do so. Selecting the correct ones is time consuming and confusing. Social media management tools have made the job easier, as they make it easy to manage all of them in one place and allow us to choose our time-saving audience range.

Two of these tools are Hootsuite and Buffer. They both work to help marketers manage social media platforms and online ads. And provide services like audience engagement, build brand awareness, analyze progress, and schedule everything.

The difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is that they have goals for different audiences. Hootsuite targets large companies, businesses, and large firms, while Buffer’s audience is beginners, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Comparison table between Hootsuite and Buffer

Comparison parameter Hootsuite Buffer
Target audiences The target audience is large companies, companies with large projects and products. Small businesses, freelancers, and startups can get started with Buffer.
Official website interface The interface is more information focused on providing details and a total overview. The interface is full of more visual, creative and optimistic details.
Plans Free, Professional, Team, Business, Enterprise are the available plans that vary with different services. Free, Professional, Premium, Business plans available with the provision of different services.
Free Trial A total of 30 days free trial is available for professionals, team users and demo for business and enterprise subscribers. For all types of users, 14-day free trial with cancellation at any time and no advantages of credit details.
Services The main services provided are Publish, Interact, Monitor, Announce, Analyze and many sub-objectives included. Publish, Analyze are the main objectives and include small sub-objectives.
Supported browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 are the supported browsers. The supported browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera.
Board Mention, Reviews, Analysis, Stats, Drafts, Pins, Calendar and many more for the wide range of approaches More focused on small goals with the uncluttered, post-oriented view pane.
Available in languages The multilingual website has different languages ​​available, from Spanish to Polish. Only available in English language.
Social media courses Courses certified by the ‘Hootsuite Academy’ itself. Courses and certifications available in other learning software: Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy.

What is Hootsuite?

Large companies have long planning, schedules, a big goal, a wider audience, and lots of things to handle.

Hootsuite is a software program that helps large companies target a large audience. To date, it has supported more than 16 million businesses. It helps them set and achieve more important goals. Its interface is detailed and explanatory. The Hootsuite Dashboard is also a detailed analysis field that provides all the information neat and on one page for a quick overview. It helps to see the general growth of the business.

At first the app offers a free trial for 30 days after that, it is a paid plan. Its services are planned for larger companies, as it provides plans for teams, collaborations, companies and businesses. The package offers different promotional goals like posting content, increasing brand awareness, ads, and analytics.

The website is available in different languages ​​from English (default) to Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Polish, and more. The application has its Hootsuite Academy, where courses are offered for companies to acquire knowledge of social media marketing. It is accessible for users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

What is Buffer?

Many new companies are emerging and there are small-scale companies on the market; they have small focuses and need compact business goals.

For such companies, Buffer is the best option as they need optimized planning and strategies. Buffer is the software application that works for small business goals and focuses on building brand awareness. It is the best option for those users who must start their business; they can focus more on creating a niche in the marketplace.

The new user gets a free 14-day trial, and then it’s a paid service. As your goals are optimized, the app is only available in English. The interface focuses on creative visuals and is less verbose. The Dashboard is neater and focuses only on posts and related stuff. The plans provided are related to publication and analysis. That makes the application very easy to understand and use.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera are the supported browsers to use. They also offer social media marketing courses on online learning websites like Skillshare, Udemy, and Coursera. 75,000 and more small businesses have trusted Buffer for their social media management.

Main differences between Hootsuite and Buffer

  1. Hootsuite offers functions for large commercial companies and Buffer, on the other hand, for entrepreneurs, small and startups.
  2. Hootsuite is primarily used for brand recognition and goodwill. On the contrary, Buffer to publicize the brand and create a new place in the market.
  3. The Hootsuite interface has detailed information and more options for selecting exact goals for your achievements. Comparatively, Buffer has no more options, but the interface is more visual, attractive and creative for users.
  4. A total of 30 days free trial with the Hootsuite Professional and Team plans. Business and Enterprise plans have demos. While; All Buffer plans offer 14 days of free trial service.
  5. Publishing, interacting, monitoring, advertising and analyzing are the main services that Hootsuite provides. Whereas Buffer only has primary services like Publish and Analyze.
  6. For a wide range of audiences, Hootsuite offers a multilingual service, while Buffer only serves in English.

Final Thought

Both the Hootsuite and Buffer websites have been extremely successful in building trust and providing the best service. The websites are accessible to browsers and the applications are available to Android and iOS users. They have different users with different goals. Marketers can choose one of them in relation to their business plans and goals.

For large companies, Hootsuite is a great option, and for small ones, Buffer is splendid. Often times, companies build brand awareness with Buffer. Then switch to Hootsuite to maintain and increase brand recognition, also to meet bigger goals.

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