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Difference between ZIP and RAR with table

We explain the difference between ZIP and RAR with table. Files can be saved in various formats within a computer or storage device. ZIP and RAR are two of these formats. Large files that take up a lot of storage space need to be compressed for easy transfer. ZIP and RAR are two file formats used to archive compressed data.

Both ZIP and RARs are the most widely used on the market to compress files. Both use the LZ77 algorithm to compress and decompress files. But still, there are many differences that distinguish them from each other. ZIPs and RAR can easily compress or decompress your files without damaging the data, which is the biggest advantage.

What is ZIP?

ZIPs is a file format that contains one or more compressed files. It is an ideal way to reduce the size of large files and keep related files together. A ZIP file can be created using various compression algorithms, but the DEFLATE algorithm is the most widely used. ZIPs files appear with a zipper over the file in the icon.

The format was created in response to a lawsuit brought by Systems Enhancement Associates (SEA) against PKWARE for stealing its ARC archive file system. The name “zip” means “faster.” The program was designed to be faster than any compression program created for the day.

ZIPs files can be compressed by various methods. A file can also be saved as is without compressing it. The files in a ZIPs folder are compressed or decompressed separately and by different methods. Because of this, new files can be added and extracted at any time. Difference between ZIP and RAR

A directory record placed at the end of the archive informs us about the files stored within the ZIPs folder. The directory also tells us where the file is saved in the folder. This makes locating a particular file a very simple task.

What is RAR?

RAR is also an archive file format that is used to compress files. Besides that, it can also recover errors and span files. Previous versions of RARs used to split large archives into several smaller archives. The files must be extracted from the folder before reading.

RAR provides faster file compression and decompression compared to ZIPs. It can also detect duplicate files and delete them. File recovery is easy with RARs. While anyone can open ZIP files, RAR files require special software called WinRAR to open files. Difference between ZIP and RAR

RAR stands for Roshal Archive Compressed file. It is named after its Russian creator Eugene Roshal. Windows does not have a built-in software to open or extract RAR files.

Difference between ZIP and RAR with table

The difference between ZIP and RARs is that ZIP is free and supported everywhere, but RAR is not free and files can only be accessed using WinRAR. The extra charge that RARs files demand also points to the efficiency they provide.

Comparison table between ZIP and RAR

Comparison parameters POSTAL CODE RAR
Developer It was developed by Phil Katz. It was developed by Eugene Roshal.
Price It is free and supported almost everywhere. It is not free and requires a tool called WinRAR to compress and decompress files.
Safety ZIPs is more secure and comes with password encryption. RAR is not secure and does not provide password protection.
Encryption algorithm It uses the ZIP 2.0 algorithm which is relatively weak. It uses the AES-128 algorithm which is more efficient.
Creation These files can be created by various programs like WinRAR, WinZIP, etc. These files can only be created by WinRAR.
Compression rate The compression rate is lower. The compression rate is higher.
File extensions The files are saved with the extension .zip and .zipx The files are saved with the extension .zip and .zipx
Compression algorithm ZIP uses the DEFLATE algorithm to compress data which is less efficient. RAR uses a different algorithm to compress data that is more efficient.

Key differences between ZIP and RAR

  1. The ZIP format was developed by Phil Katz while the RAR format was developed by Eugene Roshal.
  2. Where ZIP format is free and can be supported everywhere, RAR is not the case. It is paid and only WinRAR can open it.
  3. ZIP files are more secure and can be password protected, but RAR files cannot be encrypted.
  4. RAR files use the AES-128 algorithm as opposed to ZIP’s ZIP 2.0 algorithm. Difference between ZIP and RAR
  5. Various programs can create ZIP archives, but RAR archives can only be created with WinRAR.
  6. The compression rate is lower in ZIP archives than in RAR archives.
  7. ZIP files are saved with the extension .zip or .zipx. On the other hand, RAR files are saved with various extensions like .rar, .rev, .r00 and .r01.
  8. RAR uses a more efficient compression algorithm compared to the DEFLATE algorithm used by ZIP.

Final Thought

Large files can be a threat to deal with, especially if they are to be shared with someone or download / upload may take a while. To reduce the chances of such problems, ZIP and RAR were created. They help reduce the size of files, but keep the data they contain intact. Difference between ZIP and RAR

ZIPs was created in 1989, before RARs and is still widely used around the world. The biggest advantage is that it is free. RAR was developed later in 1993, but it is more efficient than ZIPs. ZIP files are also more secure than RARs files, as they use a more advanced encryption algorithm.

ZIPs files can also be created by various programs, while RAR files can only be created by WinRAR. The ZIP and RARs programs have the same function, but the difference lies in the execution and efficiency of the compression and decompression. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both, you should choose a program based on your requirements. Difference between ZIP and RAR

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