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Microprocessor vs Microcontroller Table | Definition | Updated

We explain the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller with definition and table in detail. Electronics is the field of study that deals with the physics and applications of electron motion. With electronics comes electronic communication and electronic devices that work on the principle of electron flow from one point / terminal to another. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

For those of you just getting acquainted with electronics, the most common and confusing terms you come across are microprocessor and microcontroller. It is important to differentiate them since they come with different hardware and also perform different tasks. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

The processing unit of a computer is called a microprocessor. They are used mainly in computers as they help in the operation of general and complex tasks. They have high power consumption and consume power even in idle state. The microprocessors also have a high 1 GHz clock speed.

The processing unit of an embedded system is called a microcontroller. Its applications are mainly seen in the ones that handle a specific task. This is when the output depends on the input of the system. They have minimal external components as they have all the necessary components on a single chip.

The difference between microprocessor and microcontroller is that the microprocessor is used to perform general tasks such as editing, games and websites, while the microcontrollers are used for specific tasks such as in the case of a washing machine. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

microprocessor vs microcontroller tableComparison table between microprocessor and microcontroller

Comparison parameters Microprocessor Microcontroller
Sense Heart of the computer system It is a mini computer that has all the tasks built in
Components CPU only CPU along with internal memory and I / O components
Request Used in computers It is used in embedded systems to perform specific tasks.
Completed tasks They perform general and nonspecific tasks They perform specific tasks
Clock speed 1 Ghz 8Mhz to 50 Mhz.
Memory Variable Permanent

What is a microprocessor?

What is a microprocessorA microprocessor can be thought of as the heart or control unit of a computer system. They do not come with internal components other than the processing unit and therefore require a large power charge. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

They are only attached with an internal controller and all other components need to be connected externally for it to work. Hence, they become bulkier than a microcontroller. They are expensive and also consume a lot of energy, but this is what makes them perfect for complex tasks.

General tasks like imaging, editing, etc. work. they have no relationship between input and output. Therefore, they also require only small amounts of external RAM and ROM.

Because they have fewer number of registers, they are memory-based and work on their tasks with your memory. They are also called ineffective because they cannot be used in compact systems. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

What is the microcontroller?

What is the microcontrollerMicrocontrollers are the processing unit of an integrated system. They also have high speed loading instructions due to their existing flash memory and internal memory.

Microcontrollers come with a power saving system and therefore do not consume power in idle mode. Therefore, it uses less energy than microcontrollers. They are also cheaper than microprocessors, but cannot be used for complex tasks.

They have CPUs along with small or limited amounts of RAM, ROM, and other necessary peripherals on a single chip. This is why they are also called minicomputers. They can also be used with compact systems, unlike microprocessors. It is also comparatively easier to write a program on a microcontroller because they have more registers. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

Microcontrollers have very few external components and therefore their power consumption is naturally low. Therefore, they can be used with batteries. They are seen to be used in a washing machine, digital camera, etc. So, it can also be said that microcontrollers are used in projects and other applications that require a direct user interface. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

Key differences between microprocessor and microcontroller microprocessor vs microcontroller table

  1. A microprocessor is the heart of a computer system and a microcontroller is a mini computer and is built in to perform specific tasks.
  2. They vary even in components. The microprocessor only comes with an internal control unit and all memory and I / O components must be installed externally. The microcontroller comes with the internal control unit, memory, and I / O components. microprocessor vs microcontroller table
  3. Since the microprocessor is the processing unit of a computer, they are used in a computer, while microcontrollers, which are a mini computer itself, are used with an embedded system to perform specific functions.
  4. The microprocessor is used to perform general tasks such as editing, games, and websites where input and output are not relative. Microcontrollers perform specific tasks in which the output depends on the inputs.
  5. The clock speed of these two components varies greatly. The microprocessor has a 1Ghz clock speed and can therefore be used to perform complex tasks. Whereas, the microcontroller clock speed in the 8 to 50 MHz range does not allow it to perform complex tasks. microprocessor vs microcontroller table
  6. Since the microprocessor has external memory, it is possible to add this memory. But since microcontrollers have fixed internal memory, it is not possible to expand the memory of a microcontroller. microprocessor vs microcontroller table

Final Thought microprocessor vs microcontroller table

Electronics is the study that deals with the physics, engineering, and motion applications of electronics. For those starting the electronics course, they may have come across microprocessors and microcontrollers. They are the basic terms of an interface system that can often be confused.

Microprocessors are the processing unit of a computer system and are generally used in personal computers as they act as CPUs. They have a high clock speed and are therefore eligible to perform complex tasks along with the general tasks that they need to perform. They are usually expensive.

Microcontrollers, as their name suggests, are the control unit of an integrated system since they have all the necessary components on their chip. They are used in applications that require a direct user interface such as washers. Microcontrollers have power saving mode and also consume less power.

Similarities aside, a microprocessor that has a high clock speed can perform complex tasks, but since they have external memory, they take time to load instructions and write load commands. But in the case of microcontrollers, it is faster since they have built-in memory.

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