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Difference between Access and Excel with table

We explain the difference between Access and Excel with table. Access and Excel are the two Microsoft applications developed by Microsoft Office Suite. The first is the database management system that is used to collect, store and manage data, while the second is the spreadsheet for calculations and analysis.

Excel helps perform complicated calculations for statistical analysis by eliminating the idea of ​​traditional paper calculations, while Access largely stores and manages data in databases.

The data storage capacity of Access is greater than that of Excel and therefore it is capable of storing data from the entire organization in one place. Excel has many calculations / functions and is easily and quickly used for small-scale projects.

Excel is beneficial for compiling the calculations on a large scale using different formulas, while Access stores and compiles data at the macro level.

The main difference between Access and Excel is that of their use. Access is the database management system that stores and manages data in databases, while Excel is the spreadsheet that uses graphs, tables, and histograms to perform complex calculations.

Comparison table between Access and Excel (in tabular form)

Access Excel comparison parameter

Definition Access is the data management system that deals with the management and storage of detailed data. Excel is the spreadsheet program that helps in the analysis and calculates complex numerical data with the help of meaningful formulas.
Ability The data storage capacity is higher than Excel. You can manage data at the macro level. Data storage capacity is limited. You cannot manage the data on a large scale.
Use It is a data storage system, which is why it is used by many organizations and entrepreneurs. It easily analyzes numerical data and is therefore used by financial analysts.
Complexity Access is a bit complex to use due to its macro level operations. Excel is comparatively easier to use due to its compilation and analysis techniques.
It comprises of It consists of charts, tables, graphs, pivot table, etc. It is made up of forms, reports, queries, tables, etc.

What is access?

It is the database management system that analyzes, stores and manages data using software development tools. It enables the entire corporation to work cohesively by sharing and managing details in one place that can be corrected by multiple people on a large scale.

Access is the complex application that can store data at the macro level and hence it is used by various organizations, businessmen and corporations.


  1. It helps to create reports that can be edited and shared by several people in the hierarchical order of work.
  2. It is useful for architects, software developers, organizations to develop the desired software.
  3. It is useful to develop and organize data for the entire company in one place.

What is Excel?

Excel is the spreadsheet application that analysis calculates, organizes and stores numerical data effortlessly. Makes the accounting system comprehensive and easily accessible by providing resolution to complex calculations. It incorporates a series of cells that are arranged in rows and columns.

Excel does not require any prior programming knowledge and can be operated by anyone for multiple purposes.


  1. Complex calculations can be solved by using automatic mathematical formulas.
  2. Data can be visualized and analyzed virtually by incorporating graphs, histograms, tables, etc.
  3. Various tools are provided that make optimizing statistical data easier and more practical.

Main differences between Access and Excel

  • Access is the application that manages and stores data for large-scale documentation, while Excel is the spreadsheet that calculates and analyzes numerical and statistical data.
  • Excel is the single-user program where only one person can edit and share files, while Access can be shared and edited by the number of people in the workgroup.
  • Excel does not require any default learning of the process, while Access is a fairly complex system that takes into account handling of large files and queries, making it much more accessible to use Excel whenever necessary.
  • Access is the program that incorporates reports, queries, data, tables, etc. while Excel manages numerical and statistical data only viewing the content through tables, graphs, charts, histograms, etc.
  • Excel is useful for short-term data management by providing limited exchange of the given data, while Access is useful for long-term data management for record keeping and data storage.

Final Thought

Access and Excel are two Microsoft applications that deal largely with the data management system, but in different ways. Access is the program that manages data by storing, optimizing administration and organizing data for any organization as a whole. Data stored through access requires a complex procedure and skill set.

The data storage capacity of Access is greater than that of Excel. The stored data can be modified and shared with a large number of people at the same time, which makes it much more applicable for use by any organization or businessperson.

Excel, for its part, is the spreadsheet that manages numerical and statistical data through the use of varied and complex mathematical formulas. Excel makes the accounting process easier and hassle-free.

Save time and provide precision by analyzing data automatically. It includes graphs, tables and charts to explain the data in a virtual way. It can be shared and edited by a single person, which sometimes becomes the limitation of the application.

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