What is the exploitation of man by man?

We explain to you what is the exploitation of man by man and what is its meaning. In addition, exploitation in the primitive community.

  1. What is the exploitation of man by man?

It is known as the exploitation of man by man to one of the most famous postulates of the Theory of the economy of capitalism proposed by the German philosopher Karl Marx, father of a whole doctrine of thought: Marxism.

According to this postulate, the owners of the means of production, belonging to the oligarchies or the bourgeois elite, build their wealth based on the profit they take (the “ surplus value ”, that is, the commercial value added to the consumer goods ) of the Work of the working class, the proletariat.

Thus, the objects that a worker manufactures in a factory in exchange for a monthly salary , thus, are sold at a higher cost than the one he took, in order to pay the worker who produced it and leave a profit to the owner of the factory, although he did not participate directly in the work.

In this way, Marx coined the phrase “the exploitation of man by man” to refer to the fact that under the capitalist system, a few get rich thanks to the efforts of many others.

  1. What does exploitation of man by man mean?

According to the postulates of Marxism, the working classes, not owning property or means of production , are forced to sell their labor force , that is, their work capacity, to be exploited (in the sense that it is exploited a mine or a farm) by the bourgeoisie .

In return, the worker receives a salary with which he can consume the goods produced by other exploited workers, and so on. It is a chain of work in which the great beneficiaries, since they do not take part in the work but coordinate the work of others, are the bourgeois.

  1. Exploitation in the primitive community

Exploitation of man - slavery
Ancient communities exploited men under slavery.

The exploitation of the human being at the hands of their peers is not exclusive to capitalism , however, and occurred in ancient and primitive communities in the form of slavery : human beings who were treated as merchandise, without any right and under the tutelage legal and moral of their owners, for those who produced and worked in exchange for just roof and food. Even his descendants belonged to the master.

Another possible example was the servants of the Middle Ages : the impoverished and illiterate peasantry who worked the lands of a feudal lord in exchange for permission to inhabit them, order and military protection in case of armed invasions.

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