What is security?

We explain what security is and what is its importance. In addition, what types of security we know and what is the role of insurance.

  1. What is security?

The term security comes from the Latin « securitas «, which means having knowledge and certainty about something. Safety refers to the absence of danger, fear and risks .

  1. Security types

Job security
Occupational safety measures include risk prevention.
  • Social Security.  Social security is a set of services, professions, facilities offered by the State to guarantee the protection of people, not only in the field of insecurity, such as robbery or assault, but also protection in rights that all people have, such as social coverage,free education , health, unemployment benefits, etc. Social security is a type of well-being that the State must provide to citizens so that there are no social as well as economic inequalities.
  • Job security.  This type of safety is directly related to the rights of the worker and the conditions worthy of work. Together with occupational health and hygiene are risk prevention measures in the workplace. The World Labor Organization struggles day by day so that employees can obtain all their labor rights in a timely manner . An example is when a group of workers does not have enough tools or clothing such as helmets or reinforced shoes for total physical protection.
  • Industrial Security.  The main objective of this security is the prevention of risks in industrial areas to protect the population and the environment in a given area. It deals with issues related to energy use, large mineral extractions, how to treat industrial waste and product processing and manufacturing.
  • Private security . It is a type of auxiliary security of public safety, not all people can use their services, that is, to acquire private security you must hire and pay money for it. For example, a person hires two men for personal safety or to guarantee protection to shops, industries, etc.
  1. What are insurance?

SecurityInsurance companies provide their services against theft, fire and others.

Currently there are protection and security methods called ” insurance “. There are insurance of various types, some of them are:

  • Home insurance  An insurance company provides its services to people so that they can insure their home against theft, fire and other problems . What this type of insurance does is guarantee that if some of this happens to your home, it will reimburse you for lost property, such as furniture, appliances and others.
  • Life insurances.  Life insurance is increasingly used by people, they offer a certain amount of money in case something ever happens to that person and dies. Many people decide to use it as a means of prevention against any danger and fact.
  • Social health insurance  These insurances are what the State must provide. A person usually has a social health insurance when they are working in white, that is, they have all the documentation that is needed in order. If a parent family has social health insurance, chances are that the family also dispose of it. At present, there are many countries that do not have good security because the State is unable to offer it, for this reason there are disputes on the part of people, facts that make the security of coexistence also be lost.

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