What is Secular Education? Definition, Meaning & Examples

What is the meaning of secular education?

The Solution: Secularism in education means that public education is not dominated by religion. Children, regardless of religion, should be educated to perfect their character and ethical behavior.

  • Secular education develops a moral outlook
  • Secular education helps in the development of liberal attitudes
  • It develops a wider vision
  • It develops an attitude of appreciation and understanding of
  • It develops democratic values and a humanistic outlook
  • Secular education synthesis of materialism and spiritualism

secular education examples

An example of a secular education system is the French public education system, which forbids prominent religious symbols in schools.

What is Secular Education Concept?

The term general education includes formal education without religious content. Be aware, however, that secular education does not mean education that goes against religious values or advocates agnostic or atheistic views. religious explanation.

Parents often teach their children what they think is appropriate. Implementing this status quo is not a purely subjective criterion, but it is closely related to the international treaties that many countries have signed. The obligation to educate children is enshrined in human rights treaties, such matters often make parents put their child’s health first and want their child to have the best education possible, if you do not accept Accept religion as a proposal, you can enter the university normally. This type of facility accepts children whose parents are not religious or have no religious orientation. secular education

In some cases, there is controversy over the content that organizations provide to students, in fact, some extremists want their children to receive a religious education. Any form must respect the choice of parents. In this sense, it is important to have different institutions involved in religious orientation in the selection of parents. Secular education is only secular education


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