What is search engine?

We explain what a search engine is and why they are so important. Brief informative summary about Internet search engines.

  1. What is search engine?

A search engine is a computer system that allows us to find web pages or results based on the phrase or word we have entered and are looking for. The best known are Google , Bing and Yahoo, the latter being the first to be created in 1994.

The importance of search engines is crucial, since they allow us almost instantaneously to find whatever we need.

The search engines have been refined with the progress of time , to the point that it is possible to make specific searches (such as data referring to dates, or if it is a photo the size of it, etc.). On the other hand, its response speed is getting bigger .

Although alternative search engines have been appearing, this market is led first by the giant Google and then by other competitors such as Bing and Yahoo.

We can classify search engines into two main types:

  • Search engines : They are responsible for associating what we want to find based on “keywords”, they are different machines withspecific software that are dedicated to the search of terms by the pages that are in your registry. They have “web spiders”, which are programs dedicated to analyze the Internet automatically and systematically.
  • Í thematic indices : They have a team of people who are dedicated to manually search pages by the network , is a more thematic search.

It is important to clarify that not all existing pages are found in search engines. These pages not indexed by search engines is what is known as “Deep Internet” or ” Invisible Internet.” This part of the Internet is considered very problematic by certain government agencies, as it usually escapes the ease of ordinary controls and is more difficult to track.

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