What is basketball?

We explain what basketball is and the worldwide popularity of this sport. Also, what are the game positions.

  1. What is basketball?

Basketball, basketball or also called basketball is a sport that is played as a team that can be played on different surfaces, covered or not, and consists of scoring as many “baskets” or as many as possible in the duration of the game. Each team is made up of five players and they are want to attack to score so many and also defend when possession of the ball is from the opposing team.

In basketball, the many or “baskets” are made and are valid when the ball, which is thrown by the players, is introduced towards a metal ring that hangs at the height of 3.05 meters; and that it also has an open net that gives it the appearance similar to a basket but without a bottom, so that the ball falls cleanly after being made.

The goals can add up to two or three points , within a delimited area that is close to the ring, add up to 2 points, instead if the throw is outside this area that is located at a greater distance from the ring each of The baskets equals three points.

The total playing time is generally 60 minutes, however sometimes it can be more or less according to the national regulations. This game hour is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each , with short intervals and a longer interval at half an hour of play, which is usually used to present a short-lived show to entertain viewers.

The measurements of the basketball courts can also vary, but the game usually develops over an area that is 28 meters long and 15 meters wide .

  1. Basketball in the world

Basketball is a show that brings together large numbers of spectators. 

This sport is played today on all continents ; and is known by millions of people who practice it both professionally and also in an amateur manner. The parties and competitions are nowadays a spectacle that brings together large numbers of spectators or spectators.

Almost all countries have national federations with clubs competing for the national championship and a national team representing international competitions.

It should be noted that the league best known worldwide for the deployment that entails in sponsorship, show that offers, infrastructure and number of fans worldwide is the National Bascketball Association  (better known by its acronym as NBA) of the United States.

  1. Positions of players in basketball

The escort is a player who stands out for his speed and agility.

Each player in a team has a certain position and function within the game:

  • Base.  This is the game creator, he directs the team’s attack. It is common to be the player with the lowest height. It must have the characteristic of being a computer of the game, with much initiative and creativity as well as good handling of the ball and vision of the game. In defense his ability is only to cover the rise of the rivals, he can not contribute much since the rest of the players exceed him in height.
  • Shooting guard.  He is a player who stands out for his speed and agility. You must contribute with a basket, you must also have a good handling of the ball.
  • Eaves.  He is a player of medium height, who must balance his game between strength and shooting. Your position is important when defining when you are under the hoop, therefore you must be able to perform with agility in that area populated by rivals. It is even more important to make counterattacks and throw the ball at a great distance, three-point shots.
  • Pivot wing.  This player must have an important presence, it is a rather physical role, sometimes as much as the team pivot. They serve as auxiliary pivot to score under the hoop and also as hoarders and ball retrievers.
  • Pivot  The most common is that they are the players with the greatest height of the team and with greater strength, since their style of play depends on a great  physical capacity . You should be able to use your height and power to take advantage and accommodate in uncomfortable areas under the hoop. Many times his scoring ability depends on his physical power, more than anything when he is marked in tight spaces and his position for throwing is uncomfortable. He is a player who exclusive

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