What is human development?

We explain what human development is and what its objectives are. In addition, what is the UN human development index.

  1. What is human development?

Human development is the process in which a society must improve the living conditions of the people who make it up. To achieve this, they must increase those assets that can provide them with both their basic and complementary needs. In addition, they must create a social environment capable of respecting the human rights that everyone possesses.

Human development has the function of developing the potential of human beings , increasing their possibilities and providing them with the enjoyment of  freedom , which all people have the right to live. All  communities , and their inhabitants, have the responsibility of  building a world civilization.

The aforementioned definition stems from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) which, in turn, is responsible for the realization of two important indicators: first, the human development index, and also the multidimensional poverty index . The human development index aims to measure the quality of life of humans in the environment in which they are surrounded.

When the human development index is calculated, aspects such as life expectancy from the moment of birth, the educational level that the adult population possesses and the material possibilities they can reach are analyzed using as reference the GDP figures (Product Gross Domestic).

  1. Human Development Goals

Human development
With education individuals will be able to choose a better development process.

Human development, at the beginning, was based mainly on the economy of societies . However, at present, other aspects related to social development that are considered equal or even more relevant than the economic aspect are incorporated.

The culture is one of the most important approaches being discussed today. UNDP states that it is essential that individuals be able to expand their options and opportunities in the world. It is for this reason that aspects related to social development, economic development, and being equally important, sustainable development must be included.

Human development seeks to achieve the progress of a community both socially, economically, politically and culturally. It is to use the freedom of humans to achieve an increase in the possibilities and situations of people.

Although the fundamental tool of this idea is education , it is taken into account that to achieve success, economic and health possibilities are also needed . It is considered that by the hand of education, individuals will be able to choose a better development process in order to maximize their quality of life and well-being.

While the decisions and development of each individual is essential for a change in society , we must not forget the importance of the community contributing to this. That is, individuals only together can carry out the necessary measures to achieve and improve the living conditions of the people who inhabit it.

If a society is not able to promote the development of the aforementioned, it will be virtually impossible to satisfactorily achieve the welfare of citizens.

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