What is Gear Oil?

Gears oil is a lubricating motor oil made specifically for transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases in cars, trucks, and some industrial machinery. It has a high viscosity or thickness to ensure maximum protection of essential moving parts.

Gears oil is a lubricating motor oil made specifically for transmissions.

Gear oil is similar in some respects to motor oil used for engine lubrication, but it has many different properties to cope with the different demands placed on it.

Motor oil, for example, must be able to withstand a great deal of heating without breaking down, as it lubricates the parts of an engine that are directly adjacent to where combustion occurs. However, gear oil does not reach engine oil temperatures.

On the contrary, it is associated with parts that move somewhat slower and that are far from combustion in the engine, although it does heat up significantly as the vehicle is driven.

In the case of scooters, it is important to use only gear oil manufactured especially for use in motorcycles or scooters.

In places like transfer cases and differentials especially, the pressures of interlocking metal parts are much more extreme than similar pressures in the engine, and these pressures are what gear oil is made for.

Some of the compounds it contains contain sulfur, and sulfur forms a protective layer on all metal parts it touches, preventing direct metal-to-metal contact. Without this coating, due to the extreme pressures that are produced, these parts would heat up to the point that it would be dangerous to the operational capacity of the vehicle and the parts would wear out quickly.

In most passenger vehicles, gear oil is not something that needs to be replaced regularly, as is the case with motor oil. In the case of motorcycles, however, it is recommended to change it every 6,000 km (3,800 miles).

Motorcycle gear oil will run out over time and lose its ability to protect the clutch and gears. Changing this type of oil in a motorcycle is similar to changing the motor oil in a car.

It is simply a matter of draining the old oil, replacing the drain plug, pouring the required amount of oil into the transmission, and replacing the cap. In this case, it is important to only use oil specially made for motorcycles or scooters.

Gear oil has a high viscosity.

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