Social Worker

Social Assistant is the professional in charge of working to combat inequalities in society. Its tasks involve the planning and execution of public policies and social programs that provide the well-being and integration of the individual in society. social worker education requirements

Social exclusion, housing, gender, hunger, abandoned minors and the prison population are some of their main concerns. The professional is trained to analyze, monitor and propose solutions that improve the living conditions of people involved in situations of social inequality. 

Social worker education requirements

To become a Social Worker, it is necessary to pursue a degree in Social Work, offered by a higher education institution recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). The course can be done in a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree, with an average duration of four years.

The curriculum includes

  1. Sociology
  2. Anthropology
  3. Social Policy
  4. Human Rights
  5. Philosophy
  6. Economics

among other subjects.

The content of the curriculum social worker education requirements

The content of the curriculum aims to comprehensively understand social reality, proposing a practical part that is carried out in the work with the community of schools, unions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) during the course.

The supervised internship social worker education requirements

The supervised internship is mandatory and once the diploma is obtained it is necessary to register with the Regional Council of Social Services.

The activities of the Social Worker

The activities of the Social Worker always involve the search for the strengthening of social relations, aiming at the creation and implementation of policies and programs that provide more conditions of justice and equality among people.

It will perform its functions in segments directly related to society: education, work, housing, health, leisure, rehabilitation, social security, gender, family, etc.

It is part of the job of the Social Worker to create and program aid campaigns, administer existing social programs, monitor the distribution of benefits, develop projects to guarantee rights and facilitate the population’s access to health and education actions.

With income inequality increasingly accentuated in the country, inclusion policies and access to basic services are essential for the maintenance of society; thus creating a growing need for social assistance. social worker education requirements
The professional can make public tenders to work in municipal, state and federal agencies.

Private companies, NGOs, associations, schools, hospitals, unions, universities and social movements also offer opportunities. In addition to all these options, it is possible to work independently, being a consultant for social policies and programs.

In any of these branches, the Social Worker is a fundamental part to understand and alleviate the individual and community difficulties that will always exist in society. social worker education requirements

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