What is asexuality?

We explain what asexuality is and how this type of reproduction is carried out. In addition, in what is characterized a pansexual.

  1. What is asexuality?

It is known as asexuality or as asexual character , individuals who show no interest in sexual relations or reproduction , under any conditions.

The term comes from biology , in which living beings are distinguished from sexual and asexual reproduction: the former require the collaboration of another living being of the same species but the opposite gender; while the seconds can be divided on their own .

Thus, asexual expression has been borrowed to indicate human behavior that seems not to be interested in sexual union with other individuals, or of their gender, or even their species. They are simply not interested in sex .

Asexuality has nothing to do with social abstinence commitments , such as celibacy of priests of certain religions , since these individuals feel sexual desire, but choose to suppress it or not satisfy it. Asexual people completely lack this desire.

Similarly, asexuality should not be confused with homosexuality, with bisexuality or other gender identities or sexual orientations. Asexual people usually live their lives without any interest in sex or the erotic , and in fact in contemporary times they have organized into collectivities such as the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN; Network of Visibility and Education of Asexuals) endowed of its own symbols, such as the flag of asexuality (horizontal stripes of equal size and black, gray, white and purple).

  1. Asexual reproduction

Asexual reproduction, as explained above, is a term of biological use to refer to a way of generating new individuals of the species, from a single individual . It is a method used by plants, bacteria and numerous primitive beings, whose weakness is to perpetuate the genetic load of the individual (gestate clones) instead of varying it with that of another individual, as in sexual reproduction.

The mitotic cell is a perfect example: a bacterium grows to need to duplicate genetic structures and divided into two, creating two new identical bacteria limit. The human being , as will be seen, is incapable of such a process , since its reproduction is only sexual.

  1. Pansexuality

Pansexual is understood as people who are sexually or sexually attracted to other people without regard to their gender and / or sex . Not to be confused with bisexuality, which designates people with an erotic predilection marked by a gender, but not entirely exclusive.

Pansexuals constitute a difficult group to classify within the movements for sexodiversity , although they have chosen their own identity symbols (the pansexual flag has three horizontal stripes of equal size: pink, yellow and blue). The gender ideology behind pansexuality points to the overcoming of heterosexual-homosexual duality, and the free, autonomous manifestation of erotic desire without making such distinctions.

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