What is a teacher?

We explain what a teacher is and some synonyms of this concept. The requirements you have and the factors that affect teaching.

  1. What is a teacher?

The teacher is a  person who is professionally dedicated to teaching . Teaching is a profession whose main objective is to transmit teaching to other people, you can speak in a general teaching framework or about a specific area.

A teacher has several functions to exercise, among them are the possibility of facilitating in any way possible the learning to the student , so that he can reach the full understanding of the subject or area being taught.

  1. Teacher, teacher, teacher

Teacher - Teacher - Teacher
A teacher must act as an intermediary between the activities carried out by students.

In Latin America, teachers of all levels of education are called teachers , be it early childhood education, primary education, secondary education or higher education. It may happen that in some specific places they refer to teachers as teacher, full professor, associate professor, interim teacher, visiting professor, non-numerary teacher, among others.

In the north of Europe, those who have a permanent position and research at the university level are called a teacher, generally they have doctoral degrees.

In some countries there is a day of celebration for teachers . In America, the Pan American Teacher’s Day is celebrated every September 11, this date is to remember the death of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento in 1888.

A teacher, teacher or teacher is responsible not only for transmitting a teaching to their students or students, but also must act as a mediator or intermediary between the activities carried out by students in order to understand and assimilate that new knowledge . This should provide all the necessary methods to facilitate learning in each student.

As in any profession, teachers have a duty to exercise their work contemplating all ethical and moral quality that allows them to work honestly.

  1. Requirements for teaching

A person who wants to dedicate himself to teaching must comply with the requirements regarding qualities necessary to practice the profession. They are:

Personal qualities: When talking about personal qualities, reference is made to their general physical condition, their state of health and their personal appearance. These three conditions are of the utmost importance, since you must have a good state of health, specifically to be able to do the job.

  • The same goes for physical conditions and personal appearance . People who decide to choose this profession must have adequate personal hygiene and a good presence in order to work in the best possible conditions.
  • Another personal quality is the responsibility ,  indispensable for this type of profession, and it must be required that the students themselves have it.
  • The originality is also very necessary because new and innovative teaching methods can make further interest students to learn. The teacher must create and produce new things throughout his career and professional life, but would only be a simple repeater of content. The tolerance , justice , patience and firmness are essential qualities for any teacher or teacher, without them many obstacles occur, not only for himself but also for teaching the students themselves. That is why each teacher must be fully prepared to practice in a classroom or any field of teaching.

Cultural qualities: The power of knowledge should not be limited and only focus fully on the area in which it is exercised, but it is also necessary to acquire content to be able to possess a cultural balance that places it in the position of a cultured person.

  1. Other factors that affect teaching

The teacher must create an affective group climate with their students.

As these qualities there are also direct and indirect factors that positively or negatively affect teachers as well as students, they are:

  • An attempt should be made to create a group climate between teachers and students and an affective climate. These requirements can become fundamental to be able to work fully and achieve all the objectives set before starting a class.
  • The vocation is also an almost mandatory requirement. To face this type of profession, you must have a vocation that allows access to all the necessary values ​​to be able to exercise without any problem during the working life of each teacher.
  • Be a true instructor. When we talk about being an instructor we mean that you should try to help the student in everything you need to get him the best possible performance and learning ability, in this way both parties will benefit, the teacher as much as the student.

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