Qualifying Adjectives: Definition Types, Examples & Sentences


We explain what qualifying adjectives are, a list of examples, and sentences that can be formed with these adjectives.

What are qualifying adjectives?

The qualifying adjectives are a type of adjective that attributes to a  given noun one or some set of specific properties, or that in any case accounts for some of its characteristics.

Qualifying adjectives describe the characteristics, qualities, or faults of a person, place, or thing. They are gradable, which means that they can be preceded by an adverb of degree, such as very, somewhat, or really.
The properties described by a qualifying adjective can be of a very different nature,  appealing to feelings, appearances, forms, temperatures  or even the subjective considerations of the issuer regarding the object referred to.

The qualifying adjectives can be classified into two types:

  • Specifications. Those who point to an important quality for the full understanding of the specific meaning of the sentence, that is, when removing them weaken the meaning of the sentence.
  • Explanatory. Those who, on the contrary, provide additional information that is not essential for the sentence, but adds information or serves as an expressive resource.

It should also be explained that adjectives are a type of word (a grammatical category) whose function in the spoken chain is to accompany the nouns and to singularize them: attributing some characteristic to them, specifying their number, their relation of belonging, etc.

In this they resemble adverbs , but the latter do not modify the noun in a sentence, but the verb, an adjective or even another adverb. qualifying adjectives

In Spanish, adjectives of any kind usually go around the noun or pronoun they modify, either immediately before or after, forming part of the sentence chain. And in addition, they must match him in number and gender  (concordance).

List of qualifying adjectives

Below we offer a list of 200 qualifying adjectives:

big little high low
Fat skinny width long
narrow fine thick delicate
grotesque smart fool skilled
clumsy worship ignorant cleansed
dirty cold hot warm
warm frozen spontaneous simple
complicated simple nice Gentile
rude stupid astute naive
humble modest smug haughty
curious apathetic beautiful beautiful
ugly horrible nice unpleasant
slow fast Quick royal
mature immature sweet bitter
acid salty crispy soft
rough soft rough velvety
wrinkled smooth silky Lasted
sticky adherent common Ordinary
Elegant shy bold outgoing
introvert enthusiastic cheerful happy
sad happy discouraged animated
indifferent sensitive insensitive Red
yellow green colorful contemporary
modern old blond Brown
decadent innovative young old
new used analytical practical
firm soft sinuous direct
brave Coward employee loose
disciplined undisciplined challenging conformist
nice unfriendly relaxed tense
realistic dreamer cautious risky
solid liquid gaseous damp
dry sparkly opaque bright
Dark Clear dark friendly
encouraging Tender Useful Useless
docile agile valid current
obsolete defeated fighter loser
prudent unwise dared secretive
talented fertile sterile fertile
prolific dynamic studious consequent
ambivalent solidary charitable selfish
egocentric fair wise patient
rigorous powerful weak fragile
strong strong slippery slimy
bluish Brown cloudy vaporous
furry hairless considered inconsiderate
creepy fearful frightening threatening
inspiring tempting tasteless surprising
expensive cheap unbreakable indestructible
lovely naughty quiet choleric

Sentences with qualifying adjectives

Below is a list of 50 sentences with qualifying adjectives

  • Marcos is a cute, but a boring boy.
  • We need a fast and persevering runner to win the race.
  • You can’t always be funny and intelligent at the same time.
  • My cousins ​​came to the dance in a dilapidated car.
  • We are tired of dealing with politicians corrupted by power!
  • I had never argued with someone as cynical as you.
  • He won the fight with a blunt header straight to the nose.
  • Ana María gets weirder every day.
  • I love the deep and dark streets of the capital.
  • Don’t you realize how ridiculous that argument is?
  • They served coffee in a square,  flat and yellowed container.
  • This week I have an important meeting in the office.
  • I have a round belly and flat feet.
  • You always have to be wiped too and are glad to,  list.
  • Have you seen onions that round?
  • Give me a clear and concise explanation of what happened.
  • You are looking for a very circumspect gentlemen, dad.
  • It is a  ductile,  malleable, and shiny metal.
  • Winds are insistent with s  fall.
  • I have received the saddest call in the world.
  • In Argentina, they discovered an unknown type of carnivorous dinosaur.
  • I liked the orange square-toe shoes.
  • Your motorcycle has smooth tires and rusty axles.
  • Women intelligent are the most attractive of all.
  • You have a fertile imagination, did you know?
  • What long and faded faces they have today, friends!
  • I want to hear a pure,  crazy,  avant-garde melody.
  • What is the use of wet gunpowder?
  • The motorized police broke into the crime scene.
  • We are an organized and disciplined collective, comrade.
  • José has long hair.
  • The day dawned cloudily.
  • The morning is radiant.
  • What silky fabric!
  • I like happy songs.
  • We better buy a cheap phone.
  • This luggage is fragile.
  • How fat is Manuel!
  • That is a smart move.
  • I prefer to study in the evening hours.
  • I’ll buy myself a used car.
  • Juana was looking disheveled.
  • Pedro is very clumsy at crafts.
  • Bring the blue tablecloth, please.
  • I love green apples.
  • This is one sneaky cat!
  • My grandmother has a big house.
  • Contemporary painting is incomprehensible.
  • We will do a solidarity event.
  • The sea is calm.

Literature also offers us a great opportunity to appreciate the use of qualifying adjectives in sentences. Let’s know some examples.

He was of strong complexion, dry of flesh, lean of face, great early riser, and friend of the hunt. Don Quixote de la Mancha , Miguel de Cervantes.

Macondo was then a village of twenty houses Canabrava mud and built on the bank of a river of water diaphanous that ran along a bed of stones polishedwhite, and huge … Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez.

He was not the most honest man or the most pious, but he was a brave man. Captain Alatriste , Arturo Pérez Reverte.

Beatriz was tallfragile, very slightly bent: there was in her walk (if the oxymoron is tolerable ) a kind of funny clumsiness, a beginning of the ecstasy. The Aleph, Jorge Luis Borges.

That the world is horrible is a truth that needs no proof. The tunnel , Ernesto Sábato.

Examples of qualifying adjectives

1. tall
2. short
3. old
4. new
5. blue
6. small
7. old
8. yellow
9. ugly
10. pretty
11. fat
12. skinny
13. pink
14. green
15. strong
16. weak
17. sober
18. thin
19. thick
20. subtle
21. small
22. big
23. wonderful
24. extraordinary
25. old
26. new
27. red
28. elongated
29. loud
30. hard
31. hairy
32. woolly
33. fast
34 slow
35. brown
36. white
37. brown
38. orange
39. fluorescent
40. shocked
41. horrible
42. cold
43. hot
44. giant
45. medium
46. ​​purple
47. black
48. azulgrana
49. long
50. short

More examples of sentences:

Adjectives are highlighted in bold for better understanding.

  1. The young lawyer is very intelligent.
  2. The famous actor will make a movie.
  3. The old car still helps to get around.
  4. The old-fashioned plane works fine.
  5. The new bank does not charge me interest.
  6. The fat librarian works hard.
  7. The orange pen is new.
  8. I use a soft brush for my clothes.
  9. The old brush no longer works.
  10. The blue car is mine.
  11. The black car must be washed.
  12. The rusty nail clipper is on the table.
  13. The torn notebook had the data.
  14. The old painting was broken.
  15. The small knife is for cutting vegetables.
  16. The quick English course is on discs.
  17. The broken mirror you left behind.
  18. The new fuse blew out fast.
  19. The purple thread is on the table.
  20. The old man sleeps a lot.
  21. The large bookseller is the one that explains everything.
  22. The blue book is on the table.
  23. The gray-haired teacher teaches French.
  24. The new monitor looks great.
  25. The laughing boy studies here.
  26. The evening news is short and concise.
  27. The blue pants are ripped.
  28. The cream cake is delicious.
  29. Yellow glue is toxic.
  30. The new small device works better.
  31. Don José’s digital watch works like new.
  32. The gray mouse ran into the house.
  33. The old clock struck the chimes of midnight.
  34. The tall man is the one who works here.
  35. A loud sound hurts.
  36. The soft sound doesn’t hurt.
  37. The gray phone is broken.
  38. The oscillatory tremor caused little damage.
  39. The crazy guy didn’t want to study.
  40. Hard work is always my turn.
  41. The giant tractor is the one you will use.
  42. The big train whistled in front of my house.
  43. In the new hospital, there are all the services.
  44. Maria’s golden hair is beautiful.
  45. The slim silhouette of Rosita.
  46. That pretty girl studies.
  47. Write your new book by hand.
  48. That brown book is for studying Spanish.
  49. That red book is interesting.
  50. Study human biology for this exam.
  51. The used needle broke.
  52. The new sidewalk is already finished.
  53. The black shirt is silk.
  54. The broken wallet is new.
  55. The big house is repaired.
  56. Hot dinner is served.
  57. The black ribbon is wound on the clothes.
  58. Cold food is for tomorrow.
  59. The white computer works better.
  60. The small computer belongs to Jorge.
  61. The black computer is the fastest.
  62. The quick account is wrong.
  63. The brown raincoat is already torn.
  64. The brown cat had kittens.
  65. The silver lamp is in my room.
  66. The advanced lesson was difficult.
  67. Light red marked a high overall. (read rates light and total rates high)
  68. The blue memory has more capacity.
  69. Classical music has a pleasant tone.
  70. The thermal paste must be placed in the appliance.
  71. Pear girl raised her cubs.
  72. Dad’s fountain pen is in his sack.
  73. The fountain pen is new.
  74. The slim lady goes to the market.
  75. The black mug has coffee.
  76. White television is high-definition.
  77. The small television is mine.
  78. The pint cow gave a lot of milk.
  79. The white window upstairs overlooks the patio.
  80. The old road still works fine.
  81. Dirty curtains in the house.
  82. The green plants are watered.
  83. They asked for new wood to fix the chair.
  84. Glasses and gold are the most expensive.
  85. The black glasses are from Francisco.
  86. The school books are lined.
  87. Arabic numbers are used by everyone.
  88. My old house is noisy.
  89. My handsome brother works all day.
  90. Your initial bio will be small.
  91. His black guitar plays very melodically.
  92. Your old guitar sounds better.
  93. Your black tape player works fine.
  94. His brown shoes look better with the beige suit. ( coffee is an adjective for shoes and beige for a suit)
  95. Your new house is very big.
  96. Your blue notebook has the notes.
  97. Your Swiss watch is strung.
  98. wasted day the one we had today.
  99. civil lawsuit resolves everything.
  100. Veronica’s silky hair.

Other types of adjectives:

  • Adjectives
  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Explanatory adjectives
  • Gentile adjectives
  • Undefined adjectives
  • Numeral adjectives
  • Partitive adjectives
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Pronominal adjectives
  • Substantiated adjectives

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