What is the sense of vision?

We explain what the vision is, in its different meanings, that is, as a vision of the human being, and as a vision of a company.

  1. What is the sense of vision?

Vision is one of the 5 senses of the human being . It consists of the ability to see and interpret the rays of light and darkness. This ability is not exclusive to humans, animals also enjoy it.

Vision is possible thanks to a receiving organ: the eye . This organ has a membrane and a retina that send signals or messages through the optic pathways to the brain and that is where they are interpreted and thus can be seen.

When the light reaches the eye, it passes through the cornea, the pupil and the lens, finally reaching the retina where the electromagnetic energy of the light becomes a nerve impulse that is used by our brain. These impulses leave the eye through the optic nerve, and thus reach the brain.

The eyes are organs that are in the orbital cavity of the skull. These two are protected by the eyelids , which maintain the moisture that the eye needs and also prevent impurities from entering the eyes. The tear gland is the one that secretes fluid to moisten them. The mobility that the eye has is thanks to the muscles driven by the motor nerves of the eye.

Although this organ is not perfect it works very well, the human eye in good condition is able to perceive a telephone cable 400 meters away .

  1. Vision of a company

Vision of a company
The vision of a company can change as the organization mutates.

Another definition of vision comes from the business field.

The vision of a company is the future objective that it has, where it wants to go, what it aspires to. The vision is created by the founders of the company and can change as the organization mutates. The functioning of the organization revolves around its vision, to that goal that it wants to reach. Anyway, when that goal is reached, the vision can be changed to another.

  1. Looks and visions

The word vision is also used in conjunction with other words such as “scotopic”, “photopic”, “mesopic”, “artificial” , among others to determine a type of vision, it is generally a vision through some technological means, such as microscope .

There is also a term used to name those people who say they see spirits , God, situations that will occur or the like. They are called seers, because they have visions.

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