What is a transvestite?

We explain what a transvestite is and what it is to adopt this identity. In addition, forms of alternate sexuality.

  1. What is a transvestite?

It is known as transvestism to gender identity often associated with transsexuality , and in which an individual of a specific biological sex (male or female) dresses in clothes traditionally associated with the opposite gender role: if he is a man, You saw a woman, and vice versa. These individuals are known as transvestites  or transvestites.

Transvestism has nothing to do with disguises, but with the need to embody a gender role contrary to that assigned by society d , which is why clothing is accompanied by gestures, behaviors and gestures that reinforce “change”.

Generally, these behaviors accuse a transsexual desire in the person, that is, they feel that they were born with the wrong biological gender or feel that they belong more to the other sex than to their own.

However, transvestism and transsexuality should not be confused : where in the first case there is a voluntary confusion of gender roles, in the second there is a genuine desire to alter the body or to change sex, something that does not necessarily occur in the Shemales

It can also happen that heterosexual people have a fondness for transvesting for erotic purposes, which is called  transvestite fetishism  and is considered a sexual paraphilia (anomalous sexual behavior).

Although transvestism was initially considered a disease or even a crime , in recent times the debate about gender identities and sexual diversity has opened a spectrum for the understanding and tolerance of non-heteronormative or non-traditional behaviors. In fact,  drag queens  or transvestite artists of singing and staging, are increasingly part of the contemporary world of entertainment.

  1. Sexodiversity

The sexodiversity debate considers that nobody belongs 100% to any category.

The debate about sexodiversity is in favor of a diverse and democratic society that does not close the sexual expression of its citizens, considering that nobody belongs 100% to any category of anything. The latter, of course, against the vision of the most conservative social sectors, such as religion and the traditional rules of morality .

Not only does transvestism compose diverse sexual models (sex-diverse), but it constitutes one just among several forms of alternate sexuality, such as:

  • Homosexuality . Commonly called Gays or Lesbians, they are men or women (respectively) who only erotically like people of the same biological sex.
  • Bisexuality . Although for many it does not exist, there are those who claim that bisexuality is a way of eroticizing both men and women, who can present individuals of any sex.
  • Pansexuality . The ability to become sexually excited with any type of person is thus known, regardless of their biological sex, their gender identity, or any other social or sexually normative label.
  • Transsexuality . These are people who feel in the wrong biological sex: their deep gender identity is different from their biological sexual identity, so they often seek not only to dress, but to transform their bodies from one sex to the other.

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