What is fellatio?

We explain to you what fellatio is, the origin of the term and what this practice consists of. Also, how it was considered in history until today.

  1. What is fellatio?

It is known as fellatio (from Latin  fellare , ‘suck’) to an oral sex practice performed on the penis and testicles, in which they are stimulated by contact with the entire lips, tongue and mouth, whether or not they can Drive to orgasm.

It is a common practice in couple sex, although it can also be carried out by two or more people (double fellatio), and that is usually accompanied by other forms of masturbation, either as a preliminary to penetration, or as intercourse in herself.

The fellatio, together with the cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the female genitals), the 69 position (simultaneous oral stimulation) or the deep throat (stimulation of the penis with the throat), constitute the best known forms of oral sex. As a form of masturbation (self-inflation), however, it is usually rare, given the physical complications of the case.

All fellatio supposes a posture of physical passivity of the person who receives it and of activity on the part of the person who tips it, even though some of their cultural considerations may point to the contrary, sometimes interpreting it as a form of submission or subjugation towards whom He performs it. When, instead, the penis is actively used to penetrate the mouth, the term irrumation is used (from Latin  irrumatio ).

Like all forms of oral sex, fellatio implies risks to the health of both the grantor and the recipient , such as the transmission of venereal diseases (HIV, Herpes, HPV), although logically it does not imply any risk of pregnancy.

  1. Fellatio in history and culture

The practice of fellatio is ancient, so much so that it appears in engravings and vessels of the classical ages , and is often referred to in various mythological accounts. In Greek antiquity, for example, the inhabitants of the island of Lesbos were famous for their talent for fellatio ( hence their name: in Greek  lesbiazéin  means “felar”).

Subsequently, there would be a change of meaning that would give “lesbian” its current meaning, since in ancient Greek the name for female homosexuality was  tríbada  (“rub”).

In the Roman world, on the other hand, fellatio was habitual and was linked to a cultural consideration that granted roles of power between those who performed it and those who received it. In this way, who received a fellatio submitted to the other (and even worse if he performed a cunnilingus, considered an immoral practice), since he assumed a passive posture, associated by the Romans with weakness. Instead, whoever did it had power over the other.

The fellatio, on the other hand, is present in the kamasutra  and in various representations of early Hinduism, while in the Islamic and Judaic tradition it is not usually well seen, especially if it involves the spilling of semen.

In fact, in medieval Spain, fellatio was so badly viewed morally that even prostitutes insulted each other accusing them of practicing it often.

In today’s world, however, fellatio is a common practice and widely practiced , very present in pornographic accounts and present in the popular sexual imaginary.

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