What is Recruitment?

We explain what is recruitment jobs and the types of recruitment? that are performed. In addition, the steps to follow and the selection of personnel. what is recruitment jobs

Recruitment definition

Recruitment is a set of procedures used in the process of calling people suitable for a certain type of activity . It is a concept widely used both in the military and labor fields, in addition to other practices where it is required to fill a certain number of vacancies. what is recruitment jobs

Recruitment is the first step to attract people interested in a job , so the number of subjects who attend may even be much greater than the number of places. Therefore, the following will be the most appropriate selection, according to the requirements and competences requested by the entity or company .

This stage can be done in different ways but they all have a point in common, this is the communication or information, since those who offer must make the process known to the community so that those who meet certain requirements come.

Labor recruitment is a mechanism that uses the human resources area of ​​a company , either its own or contracted for the service of recruitment, selection and hiring of workers.what is recruitment jobs

For this, companies must provide all the necessary information on the position to be filled, the necessary skills, the number of vacancies and even the number of people recruited, these can be approximated since their regulation is also given by other factors such as the offers of the market.what is recruitment jobs

Types of recruitment what is recruitment jobs

types of recruitment
An internal recruitment helps to improve or favor the good working environment.

Internal what is recruitment jobs

It takes place when the company, company or entity needs to relocate its employees according to their competences , for example, ascent or transfer. They are chosen through skills, achievements and abilities . It is a process that saves a lot of money and time. In addition, it helps to improve or favor the good working environment, through this kind of recognition of its employees. Also, the worker already has the knowledge of the workplace, so the adaptation will require much less time.

External what is recruitment jobs

It seeks to attract people outside the company, with certain necessary characteristics and skills. This allows to give a new air to the company, bringing a person with fresh, clear ideas, with an external vision so it is not contaminated or influenced yet by their work environment. Although it has some disadvantages, such as the time required in recruitment, also in the selection and may even have a negative impact on the other employees, as it can break the expectations of obtaining promotions or taking on a new position. what is recruitment jobs

Mixed what is recruitment jobs

New applicants and some internal candidates are called.

Recruitment Steps what is recruitment jobs

  • A position to be filled emerges, either by being created or by being free.
  • The selection section is informed about this need.
  • Job description, it is necessary to specify functions and objectives .
  • Description of competencies necessary to carry out the work.
  • Profile of the position, is obtained by describing the type of work to be performed.
  • The importance of this position within the organization is analyzed .
  • Internal recruitment assessment, this depends on the policies and requirements of the company.
  • External recruitment means are established, such as social media, radio, newspaper, among others. Also through portfolio exchange.
  • Potential candidates are received, they provide a resume and sometimes a cover letter.what is recruitment jobs

Staff pick

Job interview - Recruitment
In the selection of personnel psychological and knowledge evaluations are made.

After the call process, it is necessary to follow a selection system, so the steps that follow are:what is recruitment jobs

  • Are interviews and evaluations both psychological and knowledge.
  • Selection of the curricula obtained.
  • The first candidates are selected.
  • These have to be trained for the work.
  • A final report is made on the participants so that the leadership may decide.
  • The winner is informed.
  • Establishment of the contract and agreements.
  • The decision is communicated to those not selected.
  • The admission process for the selected one begins.

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