What is professional?

We explain what a professional is and its main characteristics. In addition, its implications and how to become professional.

  1. What is professional?

A professional is a person who has been trained academically to perform a specific occupation . The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also defines it as a person who routinely practices an activity, whether it is good or not morally or legally. On the other hand, the SAR explains that anything done by professionals (some activity, such as football ) excludes amateurs or beginners.

This term can also be used as an adjective that speaks about the performance of people , for example it can be said that someone is professional when they fulfill their duties as such, arrive on schedule, know how to treat people who work for him and so on

  1. Characteristics of a professional

Professional - Medicine
Professionals can contribute to society in the field of culture or health.

Every professional who practices in his field, in a dependency relationship, works in exchange for a salary  that, in general, will be higher than that other employees who work in that area may have but do not have a degree that guarantees their knowledge. . 

It is assumed that every professional, as one more person, occupies a certain role within society that makes him collaborate with it by adding well to it. All professions, however different they may be, make their contribution to society , providing technological, social, biological knowledge, helping in the field of culture or health , conducting research and scientific advances, among others.

At the beginning every professional will be inexperienced but over time he will acquire the experience and knowledge about the work he needs to continue climbing.

Many times job interviews disappoint the beginner because they ask that the newcomer or graduate of the university have some experience, but it is impossible when they ask only someone who has already done similar jobs and one cannot gain experience because for the same reason they do not They allow it.

It will be a matter of carrying out internships or practices during the race that can help us with that topic, to get to know the work environment .

  1. What does being professional mean?

Having a profession implies:

  • Have specialized knowledge
  • A professional training
  • A control over the issues that involve working within a certain area
  • Self – regulation by organizations such as professional associations, unions or guilds
  • A spirit of community service should be possessed (for this reason some professionals are volunteers or in some organizations do small jobs ad honorem)
  • Ethical norms at the time of carrying out its work
  1. How to become professional?

A professional needs a university or tertiary training with some complexity.

As we said before, the professional needs a university education that will have certain requirements , a certain duration and also a certain complexity. Becoming a professional is like a ladder, you start with the basics, which is the complete high school, and then start the second stage: the university.

When you have chosen, started and finished the race you can perform other studies that add importance to our university degree, such as a specialty, a master’s or doctorate.

It should be clarified that tertiary studies also make a professional person , only that they cannot perform other studies as a master’s degree, since it is necessary to have a first degree career.

  1. Professional sportsmen

When someone is said to be a professional athlete, it is because they perform a certain activity as a job , for which they receive a salary. Generally, a person begins to practice a sport for pleasure or pleasure, but if he has conditions that can make him a great player, he is tested or recruited to find out if he meets the requirements of a club.

The most commonly known athletes are soccer players . These people sign contracts  that are known to be millionaires and that have a specific duration and also very peculiar conditions, such as using clothing of a brand or not using drugs or alcohol.

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