Four Immediate Steps to Take after DWI Charge

We all have exhausted working days, and to keep the stress out, many of us go to clubs for a couple of drinks. Sometimes, it happens to control the drinking limit, and as a result, we find ourselves intoxicated. In such conditions driving back home can become challenging as it increases the chances of arrest. It can leave major impacts on life. Not only will your licenses get suspended, but you will get serious charges against you.

A DWI charge is nothing to take seriously; after all, it is a crime. If in case you drive after a couple of drinks and get arrested, here is a list of things that you should consider:

Get Ride to Home

There will be two types of situations you will face after being arrested for DWI. In some countries, if someone picks you up and pays for your bail, you will be released. In contrast, others will allow you to stay overnight until you get sober.

Whichever situation you will face after the arrest, you will need someone to drop you home. Many people prefer to drive, but most likely, their licenses are suspended. So, if you drive, you may get another charge in your pocket. The best is to leave your car there and take a ride to your home.

Record All the Details

As soon as you are released from jail, the next thing you should do is to get a paper and pen to list down all the incidents that happened to you, from what happened before your arrest to what happened after the arrest. Write all the details or record this information in your voice memo as soon as you recall it.

Include the questions the police asked you and how you encountered the cops. Did you give the breath sample, or did you get the choice? Every detail will help you to make your case understandable for the lawyer, whether it falls under DWI or DUI.

Prioritize Your Court Date

You will be given a court date to appear for the charge before you leave the police station. So, by the time you reach home, mark this date in the calendar. For any reason, don’t forget, dismiss or delay your appearance in court. Losing the date means you have taken the first step to making your case weak.

The best you can do is ask people at work to ensure you don’t have anything important going on that day. This way, you will be mentally prepared for the appearance without missing any important appointments.

Hire a Professional DWI Lawyer

The DWI cases are serious and dry. While many attorneys will tell you to hire a DWI lawyer to handle the court hearing, that’s not for all cases.

Depending on your case and charges against you, it can be valuable to hire a professional DWI lawyer like Trey Porter to guide you in all the steps smoothly, even if you are guilty of the charge.

The lawyer will help you to get the license back and start living your life normally as soon as possible.


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