Difference Between Manicotti and Cannelloni

Manicotti and cannelloni are two types of stuffed pasta that are typically larger than other pasta. The basic difference between manicotti and cannelloni is that manicotti are machine-extruded cylinders that are filled from one end, whereas cannelloni are pasta sheets wrapped around the filling. Once we stuff this pasta with a filling, we bake them in a sauce.

Cannelloni and manicotti are the two Italian dishes that get interchanged by mistake. Both are typically typed and filled pasta dishes, but manicotti, which is pre-made tubes of pasta, is more common in the United States.

There are many differences between cannelloni or manicotti. This post includes a lot of information. Key Areas Covered:

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What is cannelloni?


Cannelloni is a kind of pasta dish that uses pasta shells, rectangular sheets of pasta, or crepes. According to Webster’s Dictionary, cannelloni means “big reeds” in Italian. When crepes replace dough batter for cannelloni recipes, they are 3 to 4 inches long and rolled to 1 inch in diameter.

Cannelloni Recipe Examples Pictures

Salvatore Coletta invented cannelloni in 1907 at his La Favorita restaurant in Sorrento, Italy. The pasta dish was known as “strascinati” because the pasta is rolled and stretched.

best Cannelloni recipe:

Usually, cannelloni is filled with meat or vegetables with cheese, such as cottage cheese. Cheese or a marinara sauce is cooked separately and the pasta rectangles are boiled. some recipes call for lasagna pasta or crepes can be made from flour and eggs. After the pasta or crepe is cooled, the filling is spread out on the flat pasta. Then the pasta rectangle is rolled up and placed in a baking dish. Once all the pasta is filled and rolled, it is baked with the sauce on top.

What is manicotti?

Manicotti uses pre-formed pasta tubes, about 1 inch in diameter, instead of cannelloni pasta sheets. Manicotti means “sleeve” in Italian.

 “Pastaphone” by American composer Peter Schickele helped make manicotti famous. He would play the uncooked manicotti pasta tube like a horn. In the US, manicotti is typically sold dry and made with semolina flour like other pastas.

Manicotti Pasta Dish Pictures (1)

Best manicotti recipe:

Unlike other types of pasta. It stuff with a variety of fillings i.e. meat, seafood, cheese, and vegetables. When it is stuffed with these fillings, it is baked in a cheese based sauce/tomato.

The dough of the Manicotti pasta sometimes has semolina flour, water, and sometimes eggs. You have to knead and work this fresh dough and shape it into a wide variety of styles.

What’s The Difference Between Manicotti and Cannelloni?



Manicotti is large tabular pasta that stuffed with ricotta cheese and baked in a cheese based sauce. Cannelloni is a roll of pasta stuffed with a meat or vegetable mixture. 
Machine extruded cylinders that are filled from one end.  Pasta sheets are wrapped around the filling. 
It is known as American Italian Dish.  It is Known as Italian Dish. 

Similarities Between Manicotti and Cannelloni

  • Both are the kinds of stuffed pasta.
  • They are more larger than other types of pastas.
  • You cannot buy them fresh.
  • Cannelloni and manicotti dried cannelloni and manicotti tubes are available both plain and ribbed.
  • Once we stuff this pasta with a filling, we bake them in a sauce.
  • Manicotti and Cannelloni are popular in Italian-American cuisine.

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