What is Psychological Counseling

Psychological Counseling has the theory of Carl Rogers with a focus centered on the person, his feelings, conflicts and perceptions, believing in the potential of man and consequently in the ability to grow and give new meanings to his life.definition of psychological counseling

The Counseling technique is related to problem solving, decision making and self-knowledge, it allows people to work with their resources in a short period of time, as well as allowing them to meet and satisfy a high demand. definition of psychological counseling

This type of support has an educational, preventive and situational action aimed at solving immediate problems, it is more aimed at action than reflection with a preventive sense.

This service is a time when the person can recover and find shelter during their walk.

Psychological counseling is not about giving advice, but is focused on facilitating the process of choosing the patient in the decisions he must make regarding profession, family, relationship, etc. definition of psychological counseling

There is no specific case, some people seek advice to simply be able to speak, others to learn some information and some still have serious conditions and can be referred to psychotherapy.

Counseling is often seen as a practice that provides “solutions” to small or large behavioral misalignments or even gives clear instructions for the patient to make decisions.

These ideas are closely linked to the first practices in Psychological Counseling, but they did not proceed with the development of the technique. definition of psychological counseling

Originating in the United States around 1910, counseling was founded with the purpose of guiding children and young people, but the technique that dominated between the 1920s and 1960s was that of psychodiagnosis. The field of Psychological Counseling began to develop only around the 1970s.

Currently, counseling is seen as a learning process with the objective of adapting the subject according to the values ​​that it attributes to life. definition of psychological counseling

The human being carries capacities and potentialities that can be measured and developed and therefore has the potential for evolution and change, so the counselor must assume the role of model, organizing rules of conduct, social values ​​and habits of citizenship in an active and direct.

In more severe cases, the client must be referred to psychotherapy, but more important than the task of referring him to therapy is the task of welcoming him in his suffering.

However, the main objective of Psychological Counseling is to reduce the risks to the client’s health derived from concrete changes, developing uniqueness and accentuating individuality, modifying negative behaviors, improving the client’s quality of life in addition to the humanization of the services.

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