What is technical knowledge?

We explain what technical knowledge is, what it is used for, its characteristics and examples. In addition, its importance in a company.

  1. What is technical knowledge?

The type of applied knowledge that commonly involves manual and intellectual skills , as well as the use of tools and other secondary knowledge, is known as technicals or simply technical knowledge . Its name comes from the Greek Techné , which means “trade”.

This type of knowledge is characteristic of the human being and arises from the need to alter the environment to make it more habitable . To adapt the world to our needs, technology and science are currently combined, that is, technology is used .

Technicals knowledge can be applied to various areas of knowledge and life of the human being , from the use of tools, repair, the implementation of systems , to the various forms of art : the great painters of history , for example , have innovated in the pictorial techniques of their time.

Like many other forms of knowledge, technicals knowledge must be learned , that is, it is not innate to the human being. Therefore, it often requires formal and / or informal teaching at the hands of someone who already knows the technique to learn.

It differs from scientific knowledge in that it does not necessarily come from theorization and experimentation, nor is it proposed to explain the way in which reality operates. Simply look for the way in which we can manipulate nature for our specific benefit.

  1. Examples of technical knowledge

technical knowledge electrodomestico repair example
A variety of technical knowledge is necessary to repair appliances.

Some simple examples of technicals knowledge are:

  • The use of algorithms , formulas or calculation devices.
  • Plumbing, electricity and masonry, among other urban techniques.
  • Appliance repair.
  • The tuning of musical instruments.
  1. Characteristics of technical knowledge

Technical knowledge aims to solve problems by using or adapting human tools to the modification of reality, all with a predetermined practical purpose. Techniques are the object of study of technology, and are one of the main allies of science.

Science , art and technology often converge in the creation of artificial objects to solve specific problems. Finally, the performance of an individual in the application of technical knowledge will always depend on their understanding of it. It also depends on other physical talents such as dexterity, skill or strength .

  1. Technical knowledge in a company

Company technical technical knowledge
Computer skills are a much required technical knowledge.

Companies and organizations in general value the specialized technicals knowledge of their staff as one of their fundamental assets. Therefore, they often invest capital in the technical training of their workers, so that they can face the various problems and challenging situations that may arise as part of the work.

Its importance is particularly widespread in terms of technologies , rather than techniques. In contemporary times, the management of complex tools and applied theoretical knowledge is an imperative need, much more than knowing how to use tools, as it was during the beginnings of the industrial world .

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