What is  swag?

We explain what swag is, the main theories of its origin, its different meanings and some examples of this term.

  1. What is  swag ?

The term  swag  comes from English, and more specifically from American slang linked to rap, hip-hop and African-American music . This term became popular around 2012 thanks to the Internet and social networks , as a replacement for other expressions for that positively evaluated, such as  cool  or  groovy .

Its origins are not at all clear, beyond which it was popularized by American singers such as Puff Daddy and Kanye West , who linked him to a certain way of walking associated with the lower strata of the American black neighborhoods, typical of a arrogant attitude towards life . Another American celebrity who contributed to the popularization of the term was Justin Bieber through his Twitter account with more than 100 million followers.

Versions regarding the origin of  swag  vary greatly:

  • It comes from Scottish slang.
  • It comes from a work by Shakespeare, who in turn took it from the Scandinavians.
  • He is the acronym for a gay slogan of the 60s: ” Secretly We  Are Gay ” (“We are secretly gay”). 
  • It is the acronym for ” Stuff We All Get “, a way to refer to free delivery material at fairs or events of some kind.   
  • It is the acronym for “Scientific Wild Ass Guess” (something like “tremendously forced scientific assumption”).

Whatever the truth, the term is associated with the attitude  gangst to  singers and rappers mentioned, and is always used with the verb “to have” ( “have”), in both English and Spanish. Depending on the cultural circuit to which it belongs, it can be a fashion term or even be rather  modest .

In other ways, it can be associated with the culture of hip-hop, whose characteristic clothing includes hooded sweaters (“ hoodies ”), sports jackets and sneakers or boots of brands such as Nike, Adidas or Converse, among others, about to call ” Swags ” to those who subscribe to this type of fashion or trend.

Examples of use of  swag

  • That guy  has  some serious swag !   
  • That guy does have  swag !
  • You’re just jealous cuz I’ve got the swag .       
  • You’re just jealous because I have  swag .
  • I’ve got like  30  times  more  swag than you  do .    
  • I have about 30 times more  swag  than you.

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