What is set?

We explain what a set is and the types of set that exist. In addition, examples and the various meanings of this term.

  1. What is set?

A set is defined as the grouping of different elements that share similar characteristics and properties with each other . These elements can be anything, such as numbers, songs, months, people, and so on.

In turn, a set can also become an element. For example, a bouquet of flowers. In principle a flower would be the first element, but the set of flowers can then be considered as a bouquet of flowers, thus becoming a new element.

  1. Types of sets

When forming a set, the way and how we group them together can vary, giving rise to different types of sets:

  • Finite sets: The characteristic of this set is that its elements can be counted or enumerated in its entirety. For example, the months of the year establish a finite set: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.
  • Infinite set : A set will be infinite when its elements are impossible to count or enumerate in its entirety, because they have no end. Numbers are a clear example of an infinite set.
  • Unitary set : One that is composed of a single element. The moon is within this set, as it is the only natural satellite on planet earth.
  • Empty set : it is a set which does not present or have elements.
  • Homogeneous set : Sets whose elements have the same class or category.
  • Heterogeneous set : The elements of these sets differ in class and category.
  • Equivalent sets: Those sets whose quantity of elements is the same will be equivalent.
  • Equal sets: Two or more sets may be said to be equal, when they are composed of identical elements.
  1. The whole term in other fields

Ensemble - Musical Choir
A vocal ensemble is the group of people that plays a musical work.

Despite using the general meaning that mathematics gives for the whole word, it can be used for other areas:

  • Musical ensemble : This group will be called that containing two or more people who, through the voice or musical instrument, represent musical works with specific styles.
  • Programming set : In programming , a group of different values ​​is called a set, which do not have a specific order or duplicate values.
  • Vocal ensemble : It is the group of people that interprets a musical work in a coordinated way.
  • Numerical set : Grouping numbers through a series of structured properties.
  • Instruction Set : is the name given to the white paper has instructions a CPU of computer can run.

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