What is competition?

We explain what the competition is and some examples of this term. In addition, what is its meaning in different areas.

  1. What is competition?

Competition is an aptitude that a person possesses ; that is to say, the capacities, abilities and dexterity  with which it counts to realize a certain activity or to treat a specific subject in the best possible way.

Competition, on the other hand, is also used to refer to certain moments in which two entities, which may be individuals or companies , are related in a particular environment, each trying to make a profit while the other is harmed.

Following the line of this last definition, the rivalry that exists between these entities that aim to take the same goal and that only one of them can achieve it is highlighted . A clear example is the sports competitions  that, regardless of the specialization of it, its competitors will try to reach the goal before another does so to win the prize or reward there is.

This word beyond its meaning can be used in several fields:

  • Economy : The term competition in an economic field refers to the situations of a market where you can find a large number of plaintiffs and bidders of a specific good or service. This makes a company “fight” or “fight” to position itself among competitors in a specific market offering facilities or opportunities that others do not.
  • Biology : When referring to competition in biological terms, it means the relationship between individuals of different species that need to reach the same resources. This competition can be peaceful, where competitors are not harmful to each other, or it may be that for one of them to “win” the other must end up totally injured.
  • Interpersonal relationships : Competing “healthily” among friends, family , or people close to one helps to promote the development and growth of people, since it helps one to change his or her views, to motivate oneself to reach something and see that after an effort you have a reward.
  • Labor: This competence is the ability of an individual to perform a task in an effective way, this is defined and measured by the performance that this has in a given work context.

The competition can be positive or negative for people or companies, which will depend on the approach given to it. It can become the engine of growth or it can be a factor that harms the entity, so the latter may require regulation and control.

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