What is agrarian?

We explain what is agrarian and what aspects it refers to. In addition, agriculture in history and what is agricultural law.

  1. What is agrarian?

The term agrarian means everything related to rural life and rural economic exploitation: planting and cultivation of plants, animal husbandry, fruit collection, etc. These aspects are commonly referred to as  agriculture .

The agrarian world is as old as humanity itself . The discovery of agriculture and the domestication of the first animals are foundational aspects of our civilization, and thus date from prehistory . Agriculture was an essential component of the first socio-political regimes and continued to be so until the Middle Ages. 

However, since the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century, the human productivity model shifted fundamentally to the cities, generating a massive exodus from the agricultural regions, which sentenced them to impoverishment or large estates.

Since then, the need for agrarian reform was imposed, a  term by which the set of political, economic, social and legal measures to be taken in a country or region to promote agricultural development, democratizing land tenure is known and improving the living conditions of those who cultivate it. This, however, has not been able to become a reality in all countries.

There is also an agrarian right, in most laws, which contemplates all the legal and legal provisions that regulate agricultural life and that contemplate the way in which a nation decides to handle itself formally in these matters.

There the possibility of agricultural cooperatives, agrarian associations, agrarian societies and other similar forms of rural organization is contemplated. The agrarian is, in principle, contrary to the urban as a concept .

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