What is speed?

We explain what is speed and some characteristics of this scalar magnitude. In addition, a practical example about it.

  1. What is speed?

It refers to the distance traveled by a moving element in a given time . The mobile term in this case can range from a machine (such as a car), to a particle such as an electron or any other body capable of moving in space.

It is a scalar and non- vector magnitude , unlike speed. This means that it has a value and a unit, but not an address.

For example.  If we say that a group moves along an avenue with a speed of 82 km / h, we know that the value of the speed is 82 and its unit is km / h (kilometers per hour), but we do not know in what direction make. That is to say that after a certain time we will know how far it traveled; or vice versa, how long it took to travel a certain distance, but we will not know where it is located in space.

Although the term is expressed as distance / time , this does not mean that during the time interval studied the mobile has moved with the same speed, but that it could have varied infinitely said magnitude, but the average of these magnitudes is the of interest.

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