Types of risks that exist in various fields with definition and characteristics

We explain what the risk is, the types of risk or hazards that exist in various fields and some of their characteristics.

  1. What is risk?

The term  risk comes from Arabic. It is defined as the proximity or possibility of damage . In case such damage happens the outcome can be fatal.

Fortunately, risks can be anticipated and their consequences can be mitigated or avoided . For this, it is necessary to take all necessary precautions to prevent risks.

  1. What types of risk or hazards that exist?

Risk - Danger - Nevada
Natural risks can affect both individuals and animals.

There are various types of risks , some of them are:

  • Natural hazards This type of risk can cause both direct and indirect damage. The first ones refer to those affected by individuals, livestock, agriculture , buildings, goods, among others. Indirect damages may be related to tourism and its decrease for example. Some specific cases of natural hazards can be snowier stronger than usual, heat waves or cold, strong winds such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, avalanches, droughts, floods, forest fires, among others.
  • Biological hazards In this case, the health of people or other animals is affected by the presence of organisms or derivatives thereof. These organisms can be endoparasites, viruses , bacteria , spores, cell cultures, fungi, among others. The damages capable of causing these agents can be either parasitic or infectious, they can also be reflected in other ways, such as allergies. The transmission of the same can be through animals, certain instruments or materials and even between people .
  • Economic risks. They relate to the vulnerability that occurs when investments are made and the economic situation may affect these investments due to changes. These can be diverse, whether due to public, business policies, the appearance of other competitors, changes in the purchase of consumers , among others. Normally to reduce these types of risks, short-term investment is used. The sooner the benefit is obtained, the less chance that the risks affect the profits .
  • Financial risks Also known under the name of credits, they are related to the vulnerability that a certain company presents when it cannot cover its own financial responsibilities. These types of risks are closely linked to economic risks, since the assets and production or services that it provides can mean indebtedness.
  • Occupational hazards. They are defined as the possibility of suffering damages due to work . Within these, we find psychosocial damage, which can cause depression , fatigue, among others. Also, they may be due to bad work environments or excessive workload, etc. On the other hand there are the physical damages, these can be given by the bad conditions, be it by bad lighting, heat, cold, among others.

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