Definition And Types Of Reporting

We explain what a report is and types of reporting,  why it is considered a newspaper story. In addition, its characteristics and how is its structure.

What is report?

The report is a work of a journalistic nature , whether cinematographic or sports (to name a genre) that contains an informative purpose.

The report is usually represented by texts  (in this case an interview published in a newspaper) or a sequence of images (always referred to a topic) or a video that has an informative note about something (usually interviews in television programs).

The report as a journalistic account

Report - Interview
An explanatory report investigates important events at the popular level.

When we talk about the implementation of the term it is usual that reference is being made to the journalistic account of stories that have as protagonists individuals belonging to a common environment of which there is a story to tell.

In this way, the report becomes a testimony that enables the journalist to narrate with words, images, sensations some type of event of popular interest from the point of view of those affected.

In turn, the journalist usually adds to the note his perception of the situation, what he observes and detects based on what happened to give the story what we would say “a twist.”

Types of reporting

As detailed above, it is important to emphasize that there are other types of reporting:

Scientific reports

They are specialized in demonstrating the progress and scientific advances of the time.

Investigative reports

They deal with seeing the details about a particular event that are unknown.

Explanatory reports

They consist of investigating events that are important at the popular level.

Reports of human interest

They can be based either on an individual, on a town, on a community or on a community .

Free report

It has avariable structure and usually has a limited extension.

What are the characteristics of a report?

Any report can cover any subject , from actual events and collective interest to travel, social issues, culture of a particular country, art of a period, sport , shows available, comparison of policies over time or the inflation in the economy of a country.

A report should be interesting for those who are reading it and should get their attention when they start reading , which is why they should have a good initial phrase and a good title that invites the reader to want to reflect and understand the note.

These journalistic works have diverse channels of diffusion such as the written press such as newspapers or magazines, radio and television and audiovisual media such as digital magazines, radio and television through the Internet .

Every note is made from data, testimonies, statements of experts in a subject to be treated and photographs or diagrams that accompany the writing.

  1. What is report format?

Report - Newspaper
The final paragraph should leave the feeling that there was a closure on the subject.

In general, a report is usually structured in four parts that will be explained below:


It is the title in charge of informing the content belonging to the report. As in the case of the news , a report can be accompanied by a pretitle and a subtitle.

Initial paragraph or entry

It specializes in capturing the attention of the receiver, which is why it must have content that is interesting and attractive.

Body of the report

These are paragraphs that deal with developing the subject of the report itself, always being interconnected and coherent. It is usually quite common for them to be organized through the use of headings.

Final paragraph

Conclude the writing with sentences that leave a feeling that there was a closure. Also, comments such as those written in the beginning (in this case being a circular structure) or comments that invite the reader to reflect and even want to find out more about the topic that was discussed (open structure) can be made.

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