What is poetry?

We explain what poetry is and an example of poetry called Little Flower. In addition, what are the resources of the poetic genre.

  1. What is poetry?

Poetry is a genre related to art, beauty and feelings . The gifts and talent of poetry writers are recognized by the subtle choices of words, metaphors , and  rhymes that provide musicality to their works. The most popular play themes related to love and romance, battle and heroism, and the traditions of a people.

Poetry is a literary genre, a form of creative writing where sentences are called verses and groups of verses are called stanzas . It is characterized by expressing ideas, feelings and stories in an aesthetic and beautiful way.

It is said that it can also be defined based on three criteria that we will explain below:

  • Morphological criterion : In this sense, to say that a writing is a poetry, we take into account its form. The sentences are short and are located on the left margin, it is also evident that there is only one poem per page.
  • Contextual criterion :  When the context of the writing is specially arranged for poems, the writing is identified as such. This always happens, whether the writing is arranged in prose or in verses , has rhyme or does not have it.
  • Relational criteria : When the writer identifies or is recognized as a poet, his works will be, as a consequence, poetry. Regardless of the content or form of their texts , the writings are directly related to the poet.

The great ancient cultures have made different and particular poetic styles. The Greeks differentiated poetry into three styles : the lyric, which could be sung; the dramatic, that could be acted; and the epic, which could be narrated.

The Japanese people, on the other hand, used a type of poetry for their works called haiku that was characterized by being structured in three verses of five, seven and five syllables only.

Poetry example: Little flowera small flower is

born in the afternoon
white sprouts as your
simple skin
emerges among the silent grass
is a lonely
naked flower
alone in

  1. Resources of the poetic genre

The antithesis is the use of two words with opposite meanings.

There are certain forms of writing that allow the aesthetics of the poem, such as:

  • Comparisons
  • Antithesis: The use of two words with opposite meanings.
  • Metaphors: It is a comparison species that omits the comparative nexus.
  • Synesthesia: “images” from different senses are combined in the text.
  • Rhetoric: Questions that are not answered, but encourage reflection.
  • Alliteration: The repetition of the same consonant sound.
  • Onomatopoeia: Typical sounds caused by certain actions. Example: Oh!
  • Hyperbaton: It is a feature that is allowed by language, since it is the alteration of the most logical order of a sentence and still maintains its original meaning.
  • Parallelism: It is the repetition of a particular syntactic structure in two verses.

If you enjoy poetry you can worship your favorite authors on March 21, International Poetry Day.

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