Difference between Pharisees and Sadducees in tabular form

Difference between Pharisees and SadduceesWe explain the difference between Pharisees and Sadducees with table. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, which teaches about the life given by Jesus Nazareth. Adherents to Christianity are known as Christians. Christianity is one of the most followed religions in the world. There are various beliefs in Christianity.

The teachings of Christianity include; love God, one must love the people around them, one must love their enemies too, the only God can forgive the sins of humans and therefore one must ask forgiveness, faith in God will purify the soul, Jesus Christ He is the Messiah and has been provided with the power to forgive the sins of humans, forgiveness is the key to humility.

The holy book of Christianity is the Bible, in which the beliefs, teachings, preaching, etc., were put by Christ himself, although his followers did some improvisations or interpreted the teachings according to themselves, the basics remained the same. The different sects were divided according to the different beliefs.

According to the Bible, Jesus was a human being and therefore also had some enemies, people or some group considered against Jesus, for example, the Pharisees and Sadducees.

The difference between Pharisees and Sadducees is that the Pharisees believed in supernatural things of religion for example angels, demons, hell or heaven etc., on the other hand, the Sadducees never believe in such things.

Comparative table between Pharisees and Sadducees

Comparison parameters Pharisees Sadducees
The idea of ​​the resurrection of the body. Believed I did not believe
Oral teachings of the law Believed I did not believe
Supernatural elements Believed I did not believe
Modern terminology New money Old money
Connected to Common people of Jewish culture Aristocrats

What are the Pharisees?

According to the Bible, the Pharisees were members of religious workers’ parties who were in conflict with Jesus Christ over his elucidation of the law. They form the largest religious political party in New Testament times.

Pharisees” means “separated.” The Pharisees are believed to have separated themselves from society to teach the law. Some of them also believe that they separated from society because they considered themselves impure religious.

The Pharisees began with the Maccabees, and their main focus was teaching oral and written law and emphasizing Judaism. According to some historians, the Pharisees led a simple life and had influence throughout all of Israel. They seemed loving and humble. They put great emphasis on oral tradition.

The Pharisees started Jewish gathering places known as synagogues, which became centers of local worship and education. His system of religion was more external than genuine faith.

The beliefs of the Pharisees include; the resurrection of the body, life after death, they believed that God should be believed and worshiped even outside the temple, education, oral teachings, etc., their beliefs were contradictory compared to Jesus. The Pharisees, after getting along with the Sadducees, conspired against Jesus.

What are the Sadducees?

The Sadducees were the members of a religious group in Israel that had all powers except the military. They were mainly the Jewish aristocrats known for their corrupt nature and devotion to God. His name is believed to be derived from the Old Testament high priest, Zadok.

As mentioned in the Bible, the Sadducees had a strong control over two institutions, those were; the Sanhedrin and the temple in Jerusalem. The Sanhedrin was the body used for the government and legal affairs of the Jews, it was controlled by a high priest, usually a king, as an authority who was generally a Sadducee.

According to the Bible, the Sadducees were described as a “lineage of vipers.” Jesus called them an “evil and adulterous generation.” Jesus even spoke of the Sadducees and warned his disciples about deceptive teachings. The Sadducees never liked Jesus and so they shook hands with the Pharisees to conspire against Jesus.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Sadducees is that the members were primarily aristocrats or nobles by birth. The Sadducees are believed to have had good connections with the political authorities in Rome and thus also had great influence over the political system.

The beliefs of the Sadducees include; Belief in the Bible, emphasized the first five books of Moses, they believed that God had no role in the life of humans and that all that mattered is the fate of people, they rejected the idea of ​​supernatural things like an angel, demon , devil, hell or heaven. etc., strictly prohibited the oral tradition of the Pharisees.

Main differences between Pharisees and Sadducees

  1. The Pharisees believed in the idea of ​​the resurrection of the body, on the other hand, the Sadducees rejected the idea of ​​the resurrection of the body.
  2. The Pharisees believed in supernatural elements such as hell, heaven, the devil, angels, etc., on the other hand, the Sadducees did not believe in such concepts.
  3. The teachings and beliefs of the Pharisees included oral traditions of teaching the law. On the other hand, the teachings and beliefs of the Sadducees rejected the oral tradition of teaching the law.
  4. The Pharisees were very dedicated to the cultural practices of Judaism, on the other hand, the Sadducees were more focused towards politics and other sectors except the military.
  5. The Pharisees were known as “new money” according to modern terminology, on the other hand, the Sadducees were known as “old money” according to modern terminology.
  6. The Pharisees were connected with the common people of Jewish culture, on the other hand, the Sadducees were connected with the aristocrats.

Final Thought

Pharisees and Sadducees were the two main groups that influenced culture and politics in Israel.

They both had different beliefs and teachings, their ways were different from each other, their ultimate goal was probably to worship God.

Both rejected the ideas and teachings of the other as the Sadducees rejected the idea of ​​the oral teachings of the law.

They both had similarities as well, such as they did not like Jesus and therefore conspired against Jesus Christ and wanted him to die, as Jesus’ teachings and beliefs were more influential and different from both the Pharisees and Sadducees.

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