what is a performing artist?

Having a passion for the stage, a desire to work intensely, dividing oneself between various activities, such as teaching, acting and production, and, furthermore, running after one’s own projects are common characteristics to those who work in this field. Performing artist

“The performing arts are those that take place on stage or in any other place of representation for the public,” says Valquíria Daher, from Jornal O Globo. In this way, the performing artist’s work goes beyond acting in film or television.

It involves all stages of the production of a show, from the creation to the performance of the character. Thus, the professional can also work with dramaturgy, direction, production, lighting, dubbing and set design. Performing artist

The student can work in research, getting involved in scientific initiation projects or in research groups, where they will have their first experiences. In addition, there are institutions that invest in their own sets and theater groups. Performing artist

For anyone who wants to be a teacher in primary education, it is necessary to have a degree; In universities, you must have a graduate degree. Fluency in a foreign language is important, as the performing artist can perform at international festivals.

To enter the university, taking the entrance exam, in addition to taking the conventional exam, you also take a specific skill test, where you will present a scene or improvise a theme chosen by the examining board. Performing artist

The course lasts four years and is divided into theoretical and practical disciplines, such as Dramatic Literature, Philosophy and History of the Performing Arts, Vocal Technique, Body Expression, among others. Performing artist

The market demands a versatile professional, critical and connected with what happens at home and abroad. The greatest employment opportunities are found in small theater groups, coordination of theaters and workshops in cultural departments (municipal and state), clubs and recreation companies. However, the greatest demand continues to be acting on television, film and radio. Performing artist

Regarding the salary, the Union stipulates a floor that varies according to the function: for an actor of the television station in Rio, the floor is $ 1,170 per month. A voice actor makes $ 50 an hour. The average salary for a contractor to work on temporary shows is 1,600

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