Love Quotes

Love Quotes


Here are collected aphorisms and quotes about love. Having found beautiful words about love among quotations, do not forget to share them with your loved ones, because words and feelings are very important in relationships.

If  I had known when I last saw you that this was the last time, I would try to remember your face , your walk, everything connected with you. And if I had known the last time I kissed you, that this was the last time, I would never have stopped.


If a person is dead, you cannot stop loving him, damn it. Especially if he was the best of all living, you know?

Because by somebody’s the Just dead, you do not just the stop Liking Them, for God’s sake – Especially the if for They Were a Thousand Times about Nicer than the people you the know that’re alive and all.


Such is the paradox: we  perform feats for those to whom we do  n’t care , and those who need us and love us without love like us …


When everything ends, the pain of parting is proportional to the beauty of the experienced love . To withstand this pain is difficult, because the person immediately begin to torment memories .


You can fall in love with beauty, but love – only the soul!

William Shakespeare

Someone lacks one woman , and he switches to the fifth, tenth. And the other does not have enough life to love the one and only.

Konstantin Khabensky

In an ideal relationship, pure love and dirty sex complement rather than exclude each other.

It is necessary to have something in common in order to understand each other, and to be different in some way in order to love one another.

Paul Géraldi
“You are beautiful, but empty,” the Little Prince continued. – For the sake of you do not want to die. Of course, a pedestrian, looking at my rose, will say that  it isexactly the same as you. But she is more precious to me than all of you. It’s hers, not you,  I  watered every day . She, not you covered with a glass cap. She was obstructed by a screen, protecting it from the wind. For her, killed the caterpillars, only two or three left to get butterflies . I listened as she complained and how she boasted, I listened to her, even when she fell silent. She is mine.
There is nothing worse than loving someone who  will never stop disappointing you.
Dying for  love is not difficult. It’s hard to find a love worth dying for.

The most evil person’s face flourishes when he is told that they love him. So, in this happiness …


– I  fell in love with hysterical.
– I’m hysterical? I’m not hysterical!
– I said that I love you, and  you heard only the word “hysterical.”


Most of all I  want to come to you and lie down next. And know what we have tomorrow .


They taught me to appreciate loyalty … And  never forget about those you love.


I am not writing to ask you to come, I am writing to warn you: I will always wait.


 Wait … If you come closer,  will never let you go.


She left, and he wanted time to stop. On this desolate sidewalk, without knowing why, he already missed her. When he called her, she managed to take twelve steps – and  never admits that she considered every step .


You are waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you need it. But it doesn’t matter.

You are waiting for the train . The trains that take you far. You know where you would like to go, but you don’t know where to take the train. But you don’t care, because  we are  together .


Your naked body must belong to the one who loves your naked soul.


That  day we  met, you were  standing  right next to the water, I noticed you from far away, I remember, I was drawn to you immediately, I thought, “Wow, how strange it is, a person is standing with his back, and I am drawn to him …”


He talentedly manipulated women since he noticed that they are most attached to men who know how to listen, show tenderness and laugh.


Yes , yes, I  love you. My  fault that  you  did not know.


I love you
Not only for who  you  are,
But also for who I become,
When I’m next to you.

Roy croft
I love you What a pity I do not mean ” I will never hurt you.”

How bold and self-confident is he who gains the conviction that he is loved.

Sigmund Freud

And I  love you without any too! ..

Vladimir Vishnevsky
– How to understand you?
– Understanding me is not necessary. Be sure to love and feed on time.
What a  luxury it is to be able to hug a loved one at any moment …
To love a person who responds to you in return is a miracle in itself.
Then Romeo and Juliet. It turns out, well , that they died. After all, they have overcome so much for the sake of their love . Would you have survived, say, her  love if  she knew that he was saying “she was ringing”? Or that he throws socks all over the apartment?
Your marks will disappear within an hour, but  she will not forget you never . And  you never told her. Life is shorter than you think. Love while you can …

Pushing away dreams and tired of ideas,
Waiting for winter, as others do not expect.
Remember, you  promised that there would be no rain?
And they all go and go …

Surprisingly looking out of the apartment windows –
Am I  in a dream or are you really looking ?
Remember, you said that all life is a dream?
I woke up, and strangely, I live …

And the next day again I have to play my role,
And laugh again at the wrong time.
Remember, you said that  love is  pain ?!
You’re wrong, love is  hell …

Anna Andreevna Akhmatova

… Respect yourself so as not to give all your soul and heart to those who do not need them …

(Respect yourself so that you do not give all your soul and heart to those who do not need them and in whom this would only cause neglect .)


You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? It is a woman who is not perfect. most you can. It can be a heartbeat. You don’t want to give. If she’s not happy, she can not be there.

You can not be her first, not the last and not the only one. She  loved before falling in love again. But if she loves you now, what else is wrong? She is not perfect, but you too, and both of you  will never be perfect together . But if she makes you laugh, think twice, if she gives you the opportunity to be a man, make mistakes , hold on to her and give her everything you can. She may not think about you every second of the  day , but she can give you a part of herself, because she knows you can break her  heart.. So don’t do it early, do not change it, do not analyze and do not expect from it what is beyond its capabilities. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she angers you, and miss her when she is  not around.

Bob Marley

She has something stuck inside, and he is just an idiot. Lovers are all like that.

Futurama (Futurama)
Love does not tolerate explanations. She needs actions .
My concepts are very simple: if you want to lose weight – stop eating a lot. Want to make money – rip off your ass and work. If you want to be happy, find someone you like and do not let him go.

After all, you fall in love only with someone else’s, your own love.

Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva
They say that there is such a connection in the world that no matter how many times  you  break it. You will still meet.
People who are hard to love, just need the most love …
After all, if to speak the truth, then most of all in  life I  want to love somebody.

I always wanted to see in her eyes the  love that is in mine. And today, finally, I saw her. But  she is not for me …

– Yeah, an unusual girl you got.
– And now nobody needs ordinary ones! But this is definitely a freak.
I love you You  annoy me more than is generally possible in principle, but I want to live with you every annoying minute.
Loneliness is perceived more easily, while the one with whom you have  been for a long time is lonely .
Most of all the most notorious cynics and pessimists fall in love: this is to their advantage.
I do not understand you, people . If you love someone, you are afraid that he will know about it. But when it turns out that you are also not indifferent to him, you regret the lost time. And if tomorrow your planet explodes?
I am eternally grateful to you only for the fact that you exist.

Marge, I don’t want to scare you, but I think I  love you …

The Simpsons (The Simpsons)

Never stop smiling, even when you are sad: someone may fall in love with your smile.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I believe in one thing. You should always confess your  love to the one you love.

Much love , obviously, consists in trust, in joy from each other, in respecting each other’s private life and in respecting professional choice.

Johnny Depp
Grief paralyzes, love – the motivator is much more serious.
Love is the only thing that  she has not been ill with yet.

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