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Harvester Menu Prices UK (Main Menu & Prices)

Harvester menu items in Tapas Style Starters, Ribs, Fish, Vegetarian & Vegan, Chicken, Burgers, On the Side, Salad Bar, Desserts, Kids, Kids, and Drinks in the UK.


Harvester Tapas-Style Starters Menu

Mac & Cheddar Cheese Bites (V)£4.50
Falafel & Houmous (V)£4.50
Buttermilk-Fried Chicken£4.50
Portobello Mushrooms (V)£4.50
Sticky Chicken Wings£4.50
King Prawns£4.50
Jalapeño Cream Cheese Poppers (V)£4.50
Pork Meatballs£4.50
Spicy Crackerjack Prawns£4.50
Grilled Chorizo£4.50
Garlic Bread (4 Slice)£4.50
Cheesy Garlic Bread (V)£4.50
Halloumi Skewers (V)£4.50
Nachos (V)£4.50
Potato Skins Loaded with Cheese£4.50
Potato Skins Loaded with Cheese and Bacon£4.50
Cajun-Fried Green Beans (V)£4.50
Any 2 Starter£8.50
Any 3 Starter£12.00
Any 4 Starter£14.50

Harvester Lunch Menu

Available until 5pm.

Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast, Buttermilk-Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken Breast, or Falafel Wrap£7.99
Steak & Eggs£7.99
Chicken & Waffles£6.49
Eggs California (V)£5.99

Harvester Ribs & Slow Cooked Menu

Slow cooked for at least 4 hours and then glazed to perfection by our chefs.

Cornish-Kiln-Smoked St Louis Ribs£15.49
Ribs (Full Rack)£12.49
Spiked Maple-Glazed Pork Belly£13.49
Bourbon-Glazed Short Rib of Beef£12.99

Harvester Burgers & Buns Menu

Our Burgers are served in a Brioche Bun with Baby Gem Lettuce, Beef Tomato, Burger Sauce, and Pickled Chili, with Fries & Coleslaw on the Side.

Peri-Peri Chicken Burger£9.99
Cheese & Bacon Beef Burger£8.99
BBQ Pulled Pork Beef Burger£9.99
Beetroot & Halloumi Burger (V)£8.99
The Ultimate Burger£13.99
Southern-Fried Chicken Bun£9.49
Rib-Eye Steak Bun£9.99
Add Extra Beef Burger or Chicken Breast£1.99

Harvester Chicken & Combos Menu

All our Rotisserie Chicken and Combo dishes are served with our specialty Gravy, Buttered Corn, Coleslaw, and Sage & Onion seasoned Fries. Let us know if you’d like plain Fries or to swap to another Side.

Rotisserie Chicken (Half)£8.99
Rotisserie Chicken (Whole)£16.99
The Original Combo£9.99
The Triple Combo£10.99
The Harvester ’83 Combo£12.49
BBQ Chicken Stack£9.99
Cajun Chicken Penne Arrabiata£10.49
Spicy Chicken & Chorizo Stack£9.99
Simply Grilled Chicken£6.99
Spicy Chicken Breast & King Prawns£12.49

Harvester Fish Menu

Fish & Chips£7.99
Simply Grilled Salmon£11.99
Crispy Wholetail Scampi£7.99
Spicy Seabass & Chorizo Stack£12.99

Harvester Steaks & Grills Menu

Our Steaks are matured for 28 days and come with Fries, Beef Tomato, Watercress, a Garlic glazed flat Mushroom, and Onion Rings.

Rump (8 oz.)£11.49
Sirloin (10 oz.)£14.99
Fillet (8 oz.)£18.49
Rump (12 oz.)£15.99
Add Half a Rack of Ribs with BBQ Sauce£5.99
Add King Prawns in Garlic Butter£3.99
Add Mac ‘n’ Cheese£2.49
Add Scampi£2.99
Peppercorn Sauce£1.49
Béarnaise Sauce£1.49
Whisky & Mushroom Sauce£1.49
Smoked Bacon, Red Wine & Mushroom Sauce£1.49
Gammon Steak (with a Beef Tomato, Garden Peas, Fries, and your choice of fresh grilled Pineapple or a Fried free-range Egg)£6.99
Mixed Grill (a quarter portion of our Rotisserie Chicken, a 4oz Rump Steak, half a Gammon Steak, a Pork Sausage, a Fried free-range Egg, and Black Pudding)£13.99
Upgrade Mixed Grill to a 5 oz. Rib-Eye or 8 oz. Rump£2.00

Harvester Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

Aubergine & Red Lentil Tagine (VE)£9.99
Sweet Potato Jambalaya (V)£9.49
Herb-Battered Halloumi & Chips (V)£8.29
Penne Arrabiata (VE)£6.99
Stuffed Red Pepper (VE)£10.49

Harvester Swap & Upgrade Menu

Steamed Vegetables (VE)£0.00
Jacket Potato (VE)£0.00
Spicy Rice (VE)£0.00
Sage & Onion Seasoned Fries (VE)£1.00
Mash (V)£2.49
Jacket Potato with Sour Cream (V)£0.49
Sweet Potato Fries (VE)£1.00
Mac ‘n’ Cheese (V)£0.49
Double Up£1.00

Harvester Sides Menu

Fries (VE)£1.99
Sage & Onion Seasoned Fries (VE) (Side)£2.49
Sweet Potato Fries (VE) (Side)£2.99
Buttered Corn (V)£2.49
Mac ‘n’ Cheese (V) (Side)£2.49
Onion Rings (V)£2.49
Spicy Rice (VE) (Side)£2.49
Coleslaw (V)£1.99
Unlimited Salad£3.99

Harvester Sundae Parlour Menu

All are made with real Dairy Ice Cream and topped with fluffy Cream and a sugar Cone Wafer.

Mango & Passion Fruit Blizzard (V)£4.79
Rocky Horror (V)£4.49
Strawberry Eton Mess (V)£4.79
Blueberry Waffle (V)£4.79
Millionaire’s (V)£4.79
Sundae Best (V)£3.99
Knickerbocker Glory (V)£4.49
Baileys® Mississippi Mud Pie (V)£5.49
Add Munchies, Skittles, or Oreo Biscuit Crumb£0.79

Harvester Desserts Menu

Chocolate Fudge Cake (V)£5.49
Cherry Pie (V)£4.79
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Bar (V)£4.79
Key Lime Pie (V)£4.79
Baked Vanilla & Lemon Cheesecake (V)£4.79
Sticky Toffee Pudding (V)£4.49
Coconut & Raspberry Rice Pudding (VE)£4.29

Harvester Hot Drinks Menu

Unlimited Coffee or Decaf Coffee£2.49
Cappuccino or Latte£2.49
Hot Chocolate with Cream£2.49
Baileys® Latte£3.99
Unlimited Tea£2.49
Fruit Tea£2.29

Harvester Kids Menu

Kids Meal Deal (Smaller Bite or Bigger Appetite Main, Drink, Dessert & Unlimited Salad)£5.99

Pick Your Main

Smaller Bites

Recommended for under fives.

Chicken Strips£3.99
Fish Fingers£3.99
Mini Sausage Whirl£3.99
Simply Pasta (V)£3.99
Omelette (V)£3.99
Vegetarian Sausage (V)£3.99

Harvester Bigger Appetites Menu

Macaroni Cheese & Veg (V)£4.99
Fish Fingers (Bigger Appetites)£4.99
Buttermilk-Fried Chicken (Bigger Appetites)£4.99
Omelette (V) (Bigger Appetites)£4.99
BBQ Chicken£4.99
Battered Cod Fillet£4.99
Build Your Own Beef Burger£4.99
Build Your Own Chicken Burger£4.99
Add Cheese£0.49
Add Guacamole£0.49
Add Salsa£0.49
Add Diced Pineapple£0.49

Harvester Recommends

Rotisserie Chicken£5.99
Mini Sausage Whirls£5.99
Vegetarian Sausage Chargrilled & brushed with BBQ Sauce£5.99
Ribs (Half Rack)£5.99
Rump Steak (4 oz.)£5.99
Build Your Own Wrap£5.99
Grilled Chicken Breast£5.99
Grilled Salmon£5.99
Aubergine & Red Lentil Tagine (VE) (Harvester Recommends)£5.99

Harvester Baby Food Menu

A selection of tasty Heinz Baby jars, sweet and savory, is available for babies of +4 months and + 7 months.

Baby Cheesy Fish Pie (Jar)£0.85
Baby Chicken Dinner Pot (Jar)£0.85
Baby Creamy Oat Porridge (Jar)£0.85
Baby Egg Custard (Jar)£0.85

Harvester Kids Dessert Menu

Build Your Own Chocolate Cookie Pizza£2.49
Yummy Lolly (VE)£0.99
Banana Custard Face (V)£1.49
Fruitypot Jelly (VE)£0.99
Tutti Frutti Salad (V)£1.29
Strawberry Yoghurt (V)£1.29

Harvester Kids Sundae Menu

Rocky Horror Sundae (V)£1.89
Sundae Best (V) (Kids Sundae)£1.49
Build Your Own Sundae£1.99

Harvester Drinks Menu

All our Kids’ Drinks only contain good stuff, you won’t find any added sugar, artificial colors or flavorings here.

Yazoo Strawberry or Banana Milk£1.30
Orange, Apple, or Pineapple Juice£1.80
Feel Good£2.35
Fruit Shoot (Orange or Apple & Blackcurrant)£2.00
Fruit Shoot Hydro (Apple & Raspberry or Orange & Pineapple)£2.00
Fresh Milk (Glass)£1.00
Henry’s Saint Clements Softails (Orange Juice & Lemonade)£1.80
Harvey’s Sunrise Softails (Orange & Cranberry)£1.80
Hayley’s Pineapple Fizz Softails (Pineapple Juice & Lemonade)£1.80
Robinsons Family Fruity SQUASH’D Jug£4.49

Harvester Breakfast Menu

Served until 11:30 am.

Belgian Waffles (2 Pc.)£5.99
Chicken & Waffles (Breakfast)£6.49
Steak & Eggs (Breakfast)£7.99
Eggs California (V) (Breakfast)£5.99
Eggs Benedict£5.99
Eggs Royale£6.99
Harvester Recommends Breakfast (Two Pork Sausages, two rashers of grilled Back Bacon,two fried free-range Eggs, two Hash Browns, Tomato, flat Mushroom & baked Beans)£4.99
Add Rump Steak to Harvester Recommends Breakfast (4 oz.)£1.99

Unlimited Cooked & Continental

Choose: Pork Sausages, Soya & Leek Sausages (V), Back Bacon, Black Pudding, flat Mushroom (V), Tomato (V), baked Beans (V), Fries (V), Hash Browns (V) and Fried, scrambled or poached free-range Egg (V).

Unlimited Cooked & Continental Breakfast£5.99

Go All In

Enjoy Unlimited Cooked PLUS help yourself to our Continental Breakfast Bar & unlimited Tea, Coffee and Chilled Fruit Juices.

Go All In Breakfast£8.49

Continental Breakfast Bar

Choose: Strawberry Yoghurt, Greek-Style Yoghurt, American-Style Pancakes, Pineapple Pieces, Fruit Salad, Classic Cereals, Wholemeal or White Bread, Breakfast Muffins, Crumpets, Chocolate Sauce, Marmite, Honey, Jam, Marmalade, Maple-Flavour Syrup.

Free with any of our Breakfasts.
Continental Breakfast Bar (Adult)£3.29
Continental Breakfast Bar (Kids)£30.99
Add Porridge (Bowl)£0.50

Kids’ Cooked Breakfast

Choose 5 items from the list: Pork Sausage, scrambled or poached free-range Egg, baked Beans, Hash Brown, Chips, Tomato or Mushroom.

For kids aged 10 and under.
Kids’ Cooked Breakfast£1.99

Harvester Breakfast Drinks Menu

Unlimited Tea or Lavazza Filter Coffee£2.49
Unlimited Tea or Lavazza Filter Coffee PLUS Unlimited Fruit Juice£2.99
Unlimited Fruit Juice£2.79
Kids’ Unlimited Drinks£0.99
Espresso (Breakfast Drinks)£1.99
Fruit Tea (Breakfast Drinks)£2.29
Hot Chocolate with Cream (Breakfast Drinks)£2.49

Harvester Earlybird Menu

Available 11.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Gammon Steak (7 oz.)£5.99
Beef Classic Burger£5.99
Grilled Chicken Breast Burger£5.99
Beetroot Burger (V)£5.99
Ribs (Half Rack) (Earlybird)£5.99
Sausage & Mash£5.99
Sausage & Mash (V)£5.99
Simply Grilled Chicken (Earlybird)£5.99
Crispy Wholetail Scampi (Earlybird)£5.99
Fish Finger Bun£5.99
Greek Style Pasta (V)£5.99

Harvester Evening Menu

Every Day from 5pm.

Main Meals: Half Rotisserie Chicken, Fish & Chips, Peri-Peri Chicken Burger, Aubergine & Red Lentil Tagine (VE), 8 oz. Rump Steak £3.00 extra or Full Rack of Ribs £3.00 extra.

Starters: Buttermilk-Fried Chicken, Portobello Mushrooms (V), or Nachos (V).

Desserts: Sundae Best (V) or Rocky Horror (V) £1.00 extra.

2 Course Evening Meal (Main & Starter or Dessert)£10.99
3 Course Evening Meal (Main, Starter & Dessert)£12.99

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About Harvester

Britons also know the pleasures of casual dining, as evidenced by the growth of casual dining and fast food outlets in the UK. Culinary traditions have also flourished, with dozens of burger stalls popping up across the country.

The Harvester restaurant meets the British demand for casual dining with butler service. This family-friendly country-style restaurant chain offers diners delicious burgers, salads, and entrees, as well as a limited menu of desserts.

Harvester Official Details:

Harvester Official Website UkVisit
Harvester WikipediaVisit
Harvester FacebookVisit
Harvester TwitterVisit

Harvester Wiki

In July 1995, the Harvester chain was bought by Bass for £165 million with plans to change its image. In 2000, Six Continents operated the chain until 2003; Six Continents is a company that has changed its name.

When Six Continents split from its hotel chain in April 2003, Mitchells & Butlers took over the chain. By then there were 127 stores, which grew to 200 locations in the UK in 2012. As of December 2015, the chain consisted of more than 230 locations.

What is Harvester Famous For?

The Harvester chain is known for its grilled chicken, praised for its juicy, flavorful, and tender qualities, as well as its grilled food and salad carts.

Why Eat at Harvester?

All Harvester restaurants have a family atmosphere, so it’s not surprising that families (ie parents with their children) usually enjoy their food and drink from Monday to Sunday.

Efficient waiter service ensures orders are delivered to the table as quickly as possible, reducing the potential for tantrums from small children who can’t seem to sit still. The waiters are also friendly, helpful, and attentive so that adult guests with or without children can enjoy their meal in a group.

In accordance with the family atmosphere, the casual dress code and relaxed atmosphere reinforce the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Make sure everyone in your group is appropriately dressed – this isn’t a beach, this is a restaurant – for casual dining, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Even during peak hours, usually lunchtime, noise levels are averagely tolerable, especially if you are a regular at casual and fast food restaurants. The great joy of proving that Harvester restaurants are so popular, that your taste buds are in good hands.

The TV screens in the restaurant also provide entertainment, although there is no Wi-Fi connection, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on your internet addiction.

The full bar offers guests a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, from beer and wine to cocktails and spirits. This may seem like a counterintuitive move for a family-friendly restaurant, but it makes sense for several reasons.

Adults will likely need a drink or two to keep the kids company and enjoy their meal (i.e. food and drink such as roast beef and beer).

Even small guests (eg children) will find that the children’s menu is just right for them. There are two options – Bigger Appetite and Smaller Bite – so parents and kids can decide which size suits their taste best. Every order from the kid’s menu now includes unlimited drinks, desserts, and salads, as well as the opportunity to bake your own chocolate pizza.

The main menu now offers plenty of choices, including burgers, salads, and entrees like the famous fried chicken, which is a hit at Harvester restaurants for its delicious taste from the skin to the meat itself. Your tastes people can be shared.

If you keep track of your daily calorie intake, you will find that the nutritional information alongside meals is very helpful for your health goals. But be aware that the bountiful dishes and desserts on the menu are likely to set you off against your daily calorie goal — separation is necessary.

We love the Butternut Squash Chickpea Burger for its unique taste profile, thanks to the use of non-traditional vegetables in the burger. You can also substitute french fries for french fries at no extra cost. There’s also a Mixed Grill if you like the grilled dishes the chain is famous for.

Desserts, limited in number, are still a must. Options include Rocky Horror, creamy brownie, chocolate cream, vanilla ice cream, and Cookies N Cream with Oreos, vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs. Portions are also big, so most likely will be in a sugar rush.

While the Harvester chain is based in the UK, it’s safe to say that the food and drink have their roots in American cuisine, particularly in Central America. There are usually English dishes, which makes the menu more balanced. Most menu items offer Harvester savings rates.

Just enter the Harvester Restaurant – no reservation required – and enjoy delicious food and drinks with family and friends. You may even have fond memories with them!

To learn more about Harvester or a location near you, visit their website at

Harvester FAQ

How much is Harvester’s Chicken & Waffles?

Chicken & Waffles – £6.49

How much is a Cornish-Kiln-Smoked St Louis Ribs at Harvester?

Cornish-Kiln-Smoked St Louis Ribs – £15.49

How much is Peri-Peri Chicken Burgers at Harvester?

Peri-Peri Chicken Burger – $4.99

How much does a Harvester’s The Harvester ’83 Combo Cost?

The Harvester ’83 Combo – £12.49

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