What is a general objective?

We explain what a general objective is, its function, characteristics and various examples. In addition differences with the specific objectives.

  1. What is a general objective?

The general objective of a project , an investigation or an organization , is the main and global goal of the same, that is, its ultimate mission. It makes sense to the whole, which can only be achieved once the particular or specific objectives have also been completed.

Usually, the general objectives of a project are those that give it its purpose: whether it is a company , a non-profit organization, a monographic or other research, we will always be talking about its central goal. In the case of investigations, it usually coincides with what is stated in the title.

The general objective must be clearly differentiated from private individuals. In many cases it will have similarities with the mission and vision of a company or organization.

  1. Characteristics of the general objective

The general objectives are usually succinct, concrete and summary in a single sentence , although it can be as extensive as desired. When drafting a general objective, one must start from a global perspective of the project, trying to answer the question of what? or what thing? It aims to achieve the project.

Once determined, it should always be written starting with an infinitive verb (ending in “-ar”, “-er” or “-ir”), and in a way that encompasses the set of specific objectives.

  1. Examples of general objective

Here are some general examples of projects of different kinds:

General objective of an experimental investigation:

“Experimentally check the effectiveness of the X3TY experimental medical serum produced by Pfizer laboratories in the effective treatment of human baldness associated with typified hormonal factors.”

General objective of a monograph on humanities:

“Trace the philosophical influence of Renaissance art in the late production of the French poet Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), from his best known work, The Flowers of Evil (1857)”.

General objective of an NGO :

“Fighting hunger and poverty in Latin America by promoting education primary and secondary groups of high social vulnerability, through the application of methods substitute education in order to decrease the dropout rate , premature labor and teenage pregnancy” .

  1. General objective and specific objectives

The distinction between the general objective and the specific objectives, in whatever project, is the same as that between the whole and the parts that compose it.

If the general objective is one that encompasses the fundamental goal of the project, the specific objectives reflect the smallest goals that allow to conquer that general purpose , that is, the steps that must be taken first to be able to advance the proposed stretch.

In an investigation, the specific objectives usually define the chapters of the same, or the steps to be taken within an experimental methodology. They are usually much simpler, concrete and short or medium term. Its writing, however, respects the infinitive guidelines that also apply to the general objective.

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