What is Fig Oil? with benefits and features

with benefits and featuresFig oil comes from the seeds within the fruit. It is edible and is also suitable as a lubricant. Aromatherapy oil products can also include fig components, derived from fig leaves. fig oil benefits

Aromatherapy oil products can include fig components.

The fig tree is a small tree that has a maximum height of 30 feet (about 9 meters). Historically, the fig tree grew in Asia and around the Mediterranean Sea, but now it grows in many parts of the world that have a temperate or tropical climate. Besides the common fig, the plant is also known as an edible fig.

The fruit of the fig tree varies in appearance depending on the variety of fig. All of them, however, have a smooth skin that surrounds a juicy pulp and seeds in the center.

Fig farms often sell the fruit as fresh produce, although they can also be preserved in cans or dried.fig oil benefits

In addition to taking advantage of the pulp, fig growers can also dry the seeds to take advantage of the oil content. About 30 percent of a fig seed is oil. The oil from the seeds is not just one type of oil, but contains several different fatty components.

This oil, once the producer extracts it from the seed, is fit for human consumption. The oil also has lubricating properties.

Fig aromas can also present market opportunities for fig growers. These aromas typically come from the leaves of the fig tree.fig oil benefits

French perfume makers treat the leaves and produce a liquid or liquid solid which they then call “grape leaf absolute.”

Fig leaf extract is often used in fig oil. fig oil benefits

The primary aromas in this product can evoke a sensation of natural woodsy odors. The odor molecules of fig leaves dissolved in oil are suitable bases for aromatherapy oils, or even perfumes, along with other scents.

Some fragrance products also have this oil as their only ingredient. Some alternative health product retailers tout fig oil as good luck, a source of love inspiration, and also a source of masculine potency.fig oil benefits

Another oil, Barbary fig oil, comes from a plant that is not closely related to the common fig.

A cactus called Opuntia ficus-indica produces fruit, the seeds of which produce Barbary fig oil. This particular oil is suitable for skin care products and can also be part of a hair care regimen.

Proponents of this type of oil say that the oil improves the appearance of the skin and hair of those who apply it.

Fig oil, when used in small amounts, adds shine to hair without making it greasy.fig oil benefits

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