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Difference between technician and technologist with table

We explain the difference between technician and technologist with table. Technology is being leveraged everywhere and tons of jobs have been created out of thin air thanks to technology. Two of the job titles that have come up due to technology are ‘technician’ and ‘technologist’ technician and technologist

What is a technician?

A technician is someone who is trained to work in a certain field. Examples of technicians are X-ray laboratory technicians, information technology technicians, food laboratory technicians, etc. technician and technologist

Technicians rarely participate in business meetings. A technician can be paid by the hour or hired and paid monthly. Their main job is to keep the machines running. They are also expected to keep the equipment clean and maintain it, and also ensure that the laboratory does not stop unexpectedly.

In some jobs, technicians may also take on the role of technologists. For example, a person who has graduated with a degree in cardiopulmonary technology will be able to work as a cardiopulmonary technologist. Your responsibilities will be the same as those of a technologist, that is, you will have to help patients with cardiopulmonary conditions.

You will have to use equipment to evaluate and diagnose patients, you are expected to keep your medical records and help with procedures. You will also be asked to clean and maintain the equipment. technician and technologist

In short, technicians work in the background and keep the process going.

They are responsible if any machine fails. It will be your responsibility to repair the machine. Technicians can also work as technologists if they have sufficient knowledge and experience.

What is a technologist?

A technologist is someone who is trained to work in a certain field, in addition to having a variety of knowledge about their line of work. Some examples of technologists are food technologists, information technology technologists, etc.

A technologist usually works with and supervises a technician. Typically, a technologist is also required to participate in business meetings. A technologist is hired by contract and paid monthly. technician and technologist

Some jobs are listed as for ‘technologists’, but the job is really suitable for a technician. For example, a cardiopulmonary technologist. A cardiopulmonary technologist will do the job expected of a technician. He will be responsible for helping patients with medical problems in the blood vessels, heart and lungs. technician and technologist

The unexpected problem here is that the title “Cardiopulmonary Technologist” is justified. A cardiopulmonary technologist must have a bachelor’s degree in cardiovascular or cardiopulmonary technology, so a technician without the degree will not be able to take on this job.

Another example is that of a food technologist. You are expected to take advantage of your technical knowledge, combined with your domain knowledge, in this case, that of food. Your responsibilities will be to create new products, finalize product flavors and colors, and ensure that the product remains within legal limits. technician and technologist

Difference between technician and technologist with table

The difference between technician and technologist is that a technician is someone who is a trained worker with knowledge in a specific field, especially science or engineering, and works in a practical environment, such as a food laboratory. For example, a food technician will work to evaluate and examine foods, improve nutrition levels, and ensure that foods meet Food and Drug Administration requirements.

On the other hand, a technologist is someone who has a deeper and more extensive knowledge in a field. For example, we have food technologists. A food technologist will work with a food technician, but will be more focused on the research and innovation part.

Comparison table between technician and technologist

Comparison parameter Technical Technologist
Type of job Mostly in labs Vast, including innovation, research and management functions
Required to attend business meetings Rarely Usually
Grade required Yes, but a bachelor’s degree is not a necessity. A certificate / diploma works too. Yes, a bachelor’s degree is required
Salary Smaller in comparison Bigger in comparison
Salary type Hours or monthly Monthly

Key differences between technician and technologist

  1. A technician is someone who works in the background and keeps things going. On the other hand, a technologist is someone who can also work in the background and keep things going, but will be asked to do more than that. You will be asked to attend meetings, formulate plans with business leaders, and work with the company to generate more revenue. technician and technologist
  2. A technician is responsible for cleaning machines, keeping requirements in stock, and even changing equipment when necessary. On the other hand, a technologist will be more focused on the business side of things. You may still need to do what a technician does, but more will be expected of you.
  3. Technicians are mainly limited to the technical aspect of things. They are necessary to operate, clean and maintain the equipment. On the other hand, the role of a technologist is broad. They are required to operate the technology and use their domain knowledge to research and innovate.
  4. A technician is not required to attend business meetings. On the other hand, technologists are generally required to attend business meetings. technician and technologist
  5. The salary of a technician can be paid by the hour or by the month. For example, an IT technician can be paid by the hour or by the month. On the other hand, the salary of a technologist is always paid by the month. An IT technologist will always be paid by the month.

Final Thought

Both technicians and technologists are related to technology.

In some countries, such as India, these titles are used interchangeably, while in other countries, such as the United States, these terms do not mean the same thing. Also, in some fields such as medical, the word technician and technologists are used interchangeably. technician and technologist

For example, what would you call someone who knows how to operate an X-ray machine? You can call it a technician as well as a technologist. The difference here would be that a technician will operate the machine, while the technologist will evaluate the X-ray reports and work with the patient to treat or prevent injuries.

At the academic level, a person who has in-depth knowledge and has completed the required degrees will be called a technologist. On the other hand, a person who has sufficient knowledge and has obtained short diplomas or degrees and does not have much domain knowledge will be called a technician.

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