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Difference between for loop and while loop with table

We explain the difference between for loop and while loop with table. Computers work in high-level languages ​​like C, C ++, Java, Python, etc. Computer languages ​​help us to obtain the results that are difficult to obtain manually. These high-level languages ​​operate on a defined command structure. One of the basic command structures used in high-level languages ​​is ‘loops’.

It is a command that tends to be repeated to get the desired result. In other words, a programming command that repeats the known number of times or the unknown number of times to meet certain conditions is defined as a loops.

There are various types of loops, such as for loops, while loops, if loop, if-else loops, if-else-if loops, etc. But the most used loops are the for and while loops.

What is the For loop?

A loops in which the control statement is executed for a previously known number of times to obtain the result is known as a for loops. You can say that for loops is a repetitive command.

In the for loops, the command is controlled by a variable. Every time the cycle repeats, the predefined variable gets a new value.

For loop is a set of three segments-

  1. Initialization
  2. Condition
  3. Upgrade

During the initialization of the for loops, an initial value must be declared for the variable. This loops requires initialization only once. After initialization, the compiler checks if the condition is true or not, and if it is true, the loops continues to iterate until the predefined number of iterations is obtained.

What is the while loop?

A while loops is when the command iterates an uncertain number of times until the condition is true. Once the condition is proven to be false, the iteration of the command stops. Initialization in the while loops is done each time the loops iterates. The compiler checks the condition, and if it is shown to be false, the loops jumps to the next statement.

A while loops works with the following syntax:

  1. While (condition) {
  2. //code
  3. // body of the loop}

If the initial condition is missing in the while loop, the loops iterates infinitely. In the while loops, no new value is created for the variable, only the condition is met. In the while loops, the condition is checked before iteration, so it is also known as a pretest loops.

Difference between for loop and while loop with table

The difference between for loop and while loops is that in the for loops the number of iterations to perform is already known and it is used to obtain a certain result, while in the while loops the command is executed until a certain condition is reached and the statement is shown to be false.

Comparison table

Comparison parameter

Command The structure of the for loops is:
for (initial condition; number of iterations) {// body of the loop}
The structure of the while loopss is
While (condition) {statements; // Body}
Iterations It repeats a predetermined number of times. Iterate until a condition is met.
Condition In the absence of a condition, the loops iterates an infinite number of times until it reaches the break command. In the absence of a condition, the while loops returns an error.
Initialization Initialization in the for loops is done only once when the program starts. Initialization is done every time the loopss is iterated.
Use It is used to get the result only when the number of iterations is known. Used to satisfy the condition when the number of iterations is unknown.

Key differences between Para loop and while loop

  • BIn for loops, the number of iterations to be performed is already known, while in while loops the number of iterations is not known.
  • The for loops contains only one condition, while the while loops can contain a set of commands that will be executed together.
  • In the for loops, initialization of the command is done only once, but in the while loops, initialization of the command is required each time the command is iterated.
  • If the condition is absent in the for loops, the loop iterates an infinite number of times, while the while loops shows an error if the condition is absent.
  • The for loop can be used only in the case of a known number of iterations, while the while loop is used only when the number of iterations is unknown.

Final Thought

Loops are therefore a set of commands to be used according to the predefined structure. If the structure of the loops is incorrect, the programming will show the syntax error. Loops are executed to obtain a result or to satisfy a condition or a set of conditions. It is fundamental to programming languages.

The loop structure asks a question during execution and runs until the answer is successful. The same question is repeated until the new statement is applied. The result of the looping process runs continuously until the program reaches a breakpoint. If the break point is not reached, the program will crash.

Both the for loop and the while loop are conditional statements. The for loop is a single line command that runs repeatedly, and the while loops can be a single line command or it can contain multiple commands for a single condition.

The for loops and the while loops play an important role in computer languages ​​to get results. If the command syntax is correct, the condition is met.

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