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Mailchimp and constant contact with definition and comparison table

We explain mailchimp and constant contact with table. Email marketing is very profitable and a good marketing strategy for a small business to grow. The United States, on average, sees a return on investment (RTO) of 4,300 percent for businesses. Email marketing is easy to manage, allows you to establish direct contact with your customers, and gives you total control.

It is very important to understand that a large part of your success depends on email marketing. Choosing good email marketing software is the most important task for this purpose. You need to be efficient while taking responsibility for making sure your emails are actually delivered. Constant Contact and MailChimps are two of those programs. mailchimp and constant contact

What is constant contact?

Constant Contact is one of the most widely used marketing services in the world. It is the fastest growing email marketing software and it is a beginner friendly service provider. Customer can easily contact, use email templates, marketing calendars, and manage email lists. mailchimp and constant contact

It has amazing customer support with live chat email community support and an extensive library of very helpful resources. In addition to online training, Constant Contact also offers live in-person seminars. With this, small business owners quickly learn the fundamentals of email marketing, resulting in growing their businesses with advanced strategies.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a premium email marketing service. Provides performance reports, easy-to-use templates, social sharing, mobile apps, surveys, and much more. MailChimp is quite popular in the market due to its clean, intuitive, and affordable services. It is highly compatible with different softwares and has bi-directional compatibility with Google and Salesforce databases of forms and sheets. mailchimp and constant contact

Recently, MailChimp has started offering advanced features. However, these are not really advanced as many clients report. Customer support is restricted to emails and chats only. However, the support is very active and responsive.

Difference between Constant Contact and MailChimp with table

The difference between Constant Contact and MailChimp is that while they both have an amazing feature set, MailChimp lags a bit behind. However, MailChimp is much more affordable compared to Constant Contact. mailchimp and constant contact

Comparison table between Constant Contact and MailChimp

Comparison parameter Constant contact MailChimp
Email Marketing Features Constant Contact has a fantastic set of features like autoresponders, surveys, and coupons. MailChimp has powerful features like segment-triggered campaigns and email sequences. However, it does not offer a proper workflow view.
Design and Flexibility Constant Contact provides a decent set of neat and necessary templates. There are 100 templates available. MailChimp also provides 80 templates, which is smaller than Constant Contact. However, these templates are quite impressive.
Price Constant Contact offers a 30-day free trial, after which you will receive unlimited emails just by providing your credit card information. MailChimp has even better plans than Constant Contact. The plans are very flexible for different clients according to their needs.
User interface Constant Contact has a pretty impressive and easy-to-use interface, but it provides a little less satisfaction than MailChimp provides. MailChimp has a very elegant and simple design interface. Even if you are visiting MailChimp for the first time, it won’t feel that way.
Deliverability Constant Contact email deliverability is around 97 percent, which is very effective. MailChimp has a deliverability of around 96 percent, which is good but slightly lower than Constant Contact.
Customer Support Constant Contact offers phone and chat support during business hours. However, these are not entirely active. MailChimp has 24/7 email customer support and chat help, which is during business hours only. The support team is much more active and responsive compared to Constant Contact.

Key differences between Constant Contact and MailChimp

  1. Constant Contact and MailChimps have a powerful set of features like surveys, coupons, and campaigns. However, MailChimps does not offer a proper workflow view.
  2. Constant Contact offers a decent set of necessary templates that are hundreds in numbers. On the other hand, MailChimps offers eighty templates that are a little less than constant contact. mailchimp and constant contact
  3. Constant Contact offers a 30-day free trial after which you can receive unlimited emails just by providing your credit card information. Mailchimps has even more amazing plans than Constant Contact. The plans provided are extremely flexible according to different clients.
  4. The deliverability found in Constant Contact is around 97%, which is very effective. On the other hand, MailChimps has a deliverability of around 96%. They both have impressive deliverability, however MailChimps lags a bit behind here.
  5. Constant Contact provides phone and chat support that is only applicable during business hours, while MailChimps has 24/7 email customer support and chat help. MailChimp is found to be much more active and responsive compared to Constant Contact with a late reply.

Final Thought

As we mentioned earlier, the email marketing tool is a very important part of improving your business and number of clients. Both Constant Contact and Mailchimps offer similar services. However, they have many different characteristics, but both serve a central purpose very beautifully. Both allow you to preview your mobile and desktop emails before sending them. It is not a wise decision to keep both services together as it will increase the financial burden. mailchimp and constant contact

However, you can choose either one based on your preferences. If you are on a tight budget and want a decent featured service, you should go for MailChimps. MailChimps also has the function of showing you exactly the layout in which it will be displayed to customers. Constant Contact has a feature where it checks for errors in the mail so you can correct them before sending them. You can also opt for Constant Contact if you can afford it.

At the end of the day, your email marketing strategy must be amazing, which can be achieved through any of them.

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