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Difference between ego and self respect with table

We explain the difference between ego and self-respect with a table. The ego and self-respect are two different human behaviors that have a very thin line that separates their meaning.

The ego is a type of human behavior that makes one worry and think only of himself, thus making him selfish. These people don’t care about others and often try to make them feel inferior. They always look for comparisons and contests in everything they do.

Whereas self-respect, as you describe yourself, is an understanding of self-worth. Makes people feel confident about themselves. Self-respecting people value the opinions and feelings of others as much as they value their own.

What is the ego?

The ego is a human behavior that makes a person think and care only for himself. They do not consider anyone superior to them and they are always trying to compete with others.

These people do not like to lose and, to achieve it, they do not hesitate to take the wrong path and make the wrong decisions. The feelings and opinions of other people do not matter to them, the only thing that matters to them is that their ego is satisfied at all times. difference between ego and self respect

Selfish people create an image of themselves in their own mind, a powerful image, and they never want it to change. And because of this, they are afraid of the outside world and other people’s opinions. difference between ego and self respect

The ego fills the mind with negative thoughts and feelings like jealousy, anger, hatred, etc. towards other people, it makes them think that they are the only ones who are right. It also makes them greedy, they are never satisfied with anything and they always want more than others. difference between ego and self respect

People with ego are not good at handling criticism, they do not like to be judged, but at the same time criticizing is all they do with other people. This is one of the main reasons why nobody likes selfish people. difference between ego and self respect

What is self respect?

Self-respect means respecting oneself, it is about knowing self-esteem and value. People who respect themselves value themselves and at the same time also value others. They never only think about themselves, but are also aware of the wants and needs of others. They value themselves but they don’t worship themselves. difference between ego and self respect

They do not believe in comparing and competing with others that may result in resentment between themselves and others, nor do they make anyone feel inferior to them. These people always think about what is right and what is wrong first before doing something or making a decision.

Self-respect always guides people toward positive thoughts and feelings. They never intentionally hurt anyone, never disrespect them, and never do anything wrong just to prove their point.

These people are not stubborn, and they appreciate criticism, since for them it is what motivates them to be more and more people every day. They always share their opinions with others and also listen to others because they believe in teamwork.

They never fear failure and the judgments of other people as for them, it is just one more step towards success. They are always happy and appreciative of other people’s achievements and success. This is why other people like them.

Difference between ego and self respect with table

The difference between ego and self-respect. It is that ego is a negative feeling that sometimes makes people take the wrong path. On the contrary, self-respect is a positive feeling that gives people control and confidence over themselves.

Comparison table between ego and Respect yourself

Comparison Parameter Ego Respect yourself
Feelings Think only of your own feelings and thoughts. Also think about the feelings and thoughts of others.
Behavior with others Always try to make everyone feel inferior and do not respect their opinions. He believes in teamwork and also respects the opinions of others.
Things that matter Success, competition and comparisons. To be a better person.
Fears Judgments and judgments of others. Fear nothing.
Emotions Guides toward negative thoughts and feelings. Guides toward positive thoughts and feelings.
Results Other people don’t like them Other people like to spend time with those people.

Main differences between ego and self-respect

  1. People with ego only think and care about themselves, while people with self-respect care and think about others as well.
  2. Selfish people do not respect the opinions and decisions of others, they always think that they are the only ones capable of making the right decisions. While people respect themselves and consider the points of view of others as well. They believe in teamwork. difference between ego and self respect
  3. Success, competition, and comparisons are the only things a selfish person cares about, as it helps them satisfy their ego. Whereas for self-respecting people, these things don’t matter as much. They only focus on improving themselves.
  4. People with ego fear failure and judgment from other people. While people who respect themselves are not afraid of them. difference between ego and self respect
  5. The ego fills you with negative thoughts and feelings, but self-respect guides you toward positive thoughts and feelings.
  6. People don’t like the person who has an ego, while they want to spend time with people who respect themselves.
  7. Selfish people don’t mind hurting others in any way; conversely, self-respecting people pay as much attention to the feelings of others as they do to their own.

Final Thought

The ego often creates doubts in a person. It tends to make a person think only of himself and to keep his opinions and feelings above those of others. They always try to compete with others in everything and still keep comparing themselves to others which can lead to a feeling of inferiority complex in others.

The ego generates a feeling of negativity in a person. It also makes a person fear failure and judgment from other people, so they don’t like criticism. difference between ego and self respect

Self-respecting people, on the other hand, know their self-worth, which gives them self-confidence. They are also aware of other people’s feelings and thoughts and never intentionally disrespect anyone. difference between ego and self respect

Guide a person toward positive thoughts and emotions. These people don’t believe in comparisons. Other people don’t like a selfish person, but they do like to spend time with people with respect for themselves. difference between ego and self respect

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