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Difference between beats studio 2 and 3 with table

We explain the difference between Beats Studio 2 and 3 with table. Headphones have become a must have nowadays, they not only privatize the material one is listening to, but at the same time they become effective in reducing noise and annoyance from others.

During the time of evolution of technical advancement in ergonomics, comfort became a primary factor in design. The headphones went through an evolution in forms, mechanical, soundproof systems that emerged with more battery life, wireless.

The evolution of Beats headphones and their involvement in providing the best sound quality is commendable. Launched by one of the famous music icons, Dr. Dre, who influenced a whole generation of artists, his designs became reliable and special.

Beats Studio, in addition to the company’s main product range, is a line that focuses on headphones and offers a wide variety of range.

Beats Studio 3 is the latest version of headphones after a series of Studio 1 and 2, the changes are in the form of sound quality, ergonomics, battery life, redundancy of external noise, etc.

What is Beats Studio2?

Beats Studio 2 is the second generation of beats from Dr. Dre (the rapper), which is an advanced version of the previous first generation Beats.

It was launched in 2013 almost after 5 years of successful sales marketing push.

It is an improved version of the predecessor in terms of design aesthetics with a streamlined, curvier, sleek and lightweight shape with a super glossy finish.

The cushions are oval, designed according to ergonomics, contiguous to the ear, and have a soft leather texture within which there is a layer of foam that reduces the claim to some extent.

The headphones have a silver metallic ring which gives it a stylish appeal that reflects light well due to polishing. Attention is paid to detail and we launched into many color schemes with the ‘B’ logo on each earbud that became a brand image.

Much lighter than the original part, they are portable due to the advanced folding feature and construction, but the headband is less padded, which seems sticky.

Noise cancellations are relatively lower than rivals and the advanced version, background noise remains somewhat.

What is Beats Studio3?

The third generation of the original Dr. Dre lineup, Beats Studio 3 is the most advanced version by far. They were launched in the year 2017 in September and the sales only grew.

The positive point of the sales was the legacy of the brand and the type of headphones it made, which became a benchmark for others in the race.

The ergonomics are well analyzed and worked with the soft matte touch, the padding of the suction cup is very comfortable than any other version and the support is almost nil.

They can become very compact and portable due to the adjustable headband, however the headband is the only negative part of this version as it is uncomfortable.

The shape is asymmetrical and the iconic ‘B’ logo on the earpiece acts as a button to play or pause. They also consist of a W1 chip, making it the only version to have that facilitates Bluetooth connectivity.

The ANC can be turned on / off, which adapts to the environment you are in. Noise cancellation is efficient and an excellent battery backup.

Difference between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 with table

The difference between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 is in their release timeline. While Beats Studio 2 belongs to the second generation Dr. Dre range, Beats Studio 3 is the latest third generation of the original Studio.

Comparison table between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 (in tabular form)

Comparison parameter Beats Studio 2 Beats Studio 3

Chronology It is the 2nd generation Beats Studio released after the success of the original. It is the third generation of Beats Studio.
Comfort It is comparatively less comfortable with more volume. The pads feel softer and fit well, making them comfortable for long hours of work.
Battery duration No fast charge function and the battery drains quite often. The battery life is much better and advanced, allowing longer operation without interruptions for charging.
W1 chip The W1 chip is missing in Studio 2, so it slows down the connectivity speed. Apple’s proprietary chip was first introduced in Studio 3, allowing instant pairing with Bluetooth.
noise It lacks the Pure ANC (Pure Active Noise Cancellation) function, so external noise can affect the maximum quality. Better noise cancellation function due to the use of 2 microphones instead of 1 and pure ANC.

Key differences between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3

  • The main difference between Beats Studio 2 and Beats Studio 3 is in their order of release by brand. Beats Studio 2 released in 2013 thus becomes the second generation of the Beats family, while Beats Studio 3 was released much later in the year 2017 and became the third generation.
  • Beats Studio 3 is durable but lacks the comfort factor, however the third-gen version consists of comfortable ear cushions that provide a better experience without a lot of strain.
  • The battery life of the Beats Studio 2 is comparatively less efficient than that of the Beats Studio 3, which can run for longer hours without interruption.
  • Connectivity speed is lower in Beats Studio 2, but the third-generation version of Beats Studio comes with a W1 chip that allows faster connectivity via blue tooth.
  • Both have good noise redundancy capabilities, but the Beats Studio 3 version is more capable of providing a better user experience.

Final Thought

Each brand offers something new every year with the advancement in the technological field that creates competition in the market. Therefore, the only strategy to dominate is to maintain the niche and come out with new features.

Although Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones look quite similar at first glance, they are both functionally different, Beats Studio 3 is an advanced version, therefore, the features are more efficient, the storage and the comfort are better than the Beats Studio. two.

A good understanding of the differences in design, structure, ergonomics and functionality becomes important to understand before any purchase.

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